Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by MrTracey, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Like OJARs but for soldiers

    anyone know anything about these? - is it just another nail in the time commitment coffin or are they needed?

    what exactly are they?

    Coming in with JPA apparently
  2. Every officer, assuming there will be any, will be required to complete an SJAR on all soldiers under their command - to be introduced some time next year. JPA will be the facilitating system and it is intended for troop commander level (as I understand it).

    It may well turn out to be another time bandit as you suggest.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    The TA seems to have run for about the last 100 years without them...

  4. Common MSR, get with the programme. It's all one service thesedays. 8O
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    SJARS? They are coming, and will add another hour or so to an OCs/PCs/2ic's working week. Last year it took me almost 1 working day per week to keep up with the paperwork, this will make things worse.

    There is very, very, little 'fun' in being a TA Officer nowadays, I'm afraid, but there is a great deal of very dull work.
  6. Not wishing to be sniffy, but there is very little difference between an SJAR and a AR; except the name and content. The reporting principle must remain the same, mustn't it?

    Or are you suggesting that the TA has done without ARs forthe last 100 years?
  7. Its more like the last 469 years in some units :D
  8. That's the worst argument I've seen in a long time. Annual reports (of some kind) are needed to let the guys formally know where they stand and what they need for career progression.

    Having had 2 reports in six years, I welcome any method that actually makes these, sorry excuses for, 'leaders' do their job.

    Does that count as a mini-rant?
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I guess it would count as a rant. Please remember that when your Pl/Trp comd does not turn up for 3 or 4 weekends a year, and misses out on months of drill nights he is just writing SJARs or mid year appraisals for his soldiers, most of whom will not give a flyer. More realistically, he will still be attending training but giving up even more of his own time to write them.

    Make sure you show your concern by reading them, acting on the points raised and filing them in your PDR for future reference. Or you can do what most do, and throw them in the bottom of their locker.

    These can also be a double edged sword for the TA soldier if written correctly and honestly. Good soldiers will have reports that reflect this, and should be promoted on the strength of them once qualified. Soldiers who are professional bounty hunters will get SJARs that reflect this: Brief at best, and commenting on their lack of attendance and selective nature. Those who are "enablers" (fat useless storemen, mess managers etc)will get reported on as such, with no recommend for promotion. I can see some unhappy people when their true performance and worth is in their P File in black and white.
  10. I think you've made the assumption that someone actually bothers to write them. If I got one, then I would be very interested in its content.
  11. The last person I heard expressing that opinion was an Adjutant of a Parachute Battalion who questioned the burden on the CO to MS. MS was quite clear when he said it was a function of command. It is not done so as to burden the commander, it is not done so that the commander can get a warm feeling that the soldier appreciates what is done, it is because the commander should do it.

    MS is quite clear in MS's guide to Soldiers' CRs:

  12. OK, as it's lunchtime, I'll have a go!

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    LCpl StabTiffy2B has an excellent sense of humour but his tendency towards cynicism sometimes limits the contributions that he makes to debates. He can be rowdy when under stress and is prone to sly digs at his opponents. [delete "However, he is gracious in defeat and rarely bears grudges." insert "He hates losing and keeps grudges going for as long as he can".]

    Whilst I recognise LCpl StabTiffy2B's considerable contributions to ARRSE, his power of expression is not as good as it might be, and before he can be considered for promotion, he should polish his use of the English language and improve his knowledge of the use of the apostrophe. I consider him to be [delete "widely"] employable on [delete "all" insert "most"] boards within ARRSE, except for the Officers' Board. However, I consider his cynicism to be a limiting factor in his potential employment as a Moderator as very little would get past him, which would limit the efficiency of the boards somewhat. I would expect him to promote in due course [insert ", maybe"].

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  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I do not have an issue with writing SJARs, and believe that soldiers should receive them. I have an issue with comments about "excuses for leaders" from people who just seem to assume that all of this stuff happens at no expense in terms of time to the officers responsible. These same soldiers are often the ones who complain about officers spending all their time in the office and not training the soldiers. It is another time constraint on busy lives, and should be simplified as much as possible.

    It is a particular problem in the TA that you are required to write CRs for all soldiers, many of whom you would not have seen enough of to make a valid comment on. You then write an honest SJAR - " Pte Bloggs has attended for 4 weekends this year, including Remembrance Sunday, Adv trg and two range weekends. He has undertaken nothing of note and so it is not possible to comment on his effectiveness as a soldier. Pte Bloggs has shown no potential for promotion and contributes nothing to the effectiveness of the Coy" and cause havoc as it goes up the MS chain.
  14. Excellent Post Litotes. The best I've read, on arrse, in a long time :D Check your PMs.

    Duke: I wasn't having a dig at all officers, and I'm sure that you write your reports to a good standard and that they are completed on time. However, my chats with TA colleagues have not been encouraging, on the reporting front.
  15. Some interesting points
    I believe the issue here at the soldier level is why he joins the TA. There are some who seek to be 'Professional' TA soldiers for whom a good SJAR is paramount to promote said chap. Then there are those who serve for less than 3 years and who join for a challenge and to do something different. They have little interest in progression to them an SJAR will mean diddly and will they act on it - I doubt it. And then there are those who perform the behind the sences function (some good and some bad) who are the silent work horse or the hanger on becuase no one else wants to do the unsexy job. Some who deserve much more praise than they get but also have found a niche in life that suits all and do not want promotion again I see SJAR having little meaning here too. And of course some who should have been thrown out years ago but he does the job no one else will fill - so has his uses.
    The big issue is that being in the TA is not a TA soldiers main income. They join for many reasons but few for career progression those so motivated invarivbly join the Regular Army or as we are finding go on FTRS and then transfer in. The true professional TA soldier we all know him and will support his future aspirations - would be mad not too.

    I recently had to complete some AR's SJARs or whatever they are for several soldiers in my unit for year 2005/6 as a fast ball (some 6 months late) - what the hell did they do last year! So as we seemed to be going through the motions to catch up. Hmm well so did I based on what I felt about each individual - it was felt the fairest way given we had a new man at the top who had just joined the sub unit.

    There is an admin burden but as commanders we know this (no one forced us to do this job and we are free to leave anytime you know), the dates for OJARS are well known (or should be) and if we adopt the same principle for our soldiers then it is achieveable but we should spread the load and co ordinate the effort like everything else we do (from top down instead of fast balls all te time) - easy just plan ahead right :)

    I do however agree there is an increasing burden on the Commanders and more so Officers which is erroding the 'fun' factor. I often find myself watching the soldiers in training and remembering times gone past - but then someone has to do my job too for the unit to function - and right now thats me! So I attach myself to the desk once more and get on with it! :)

    What will be will be nd we will make it work somehow we always do!

    Its all part of the professionalisation of the TA which if you had not noticed is coming slowly but surely - my prediction next we will all be mobilised full time and hey no manning crisis in the Regular Army anymore :)