Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by cop1234, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. Why is it with SJARS that as the subject doesn't get to see what the 2RO has written before they send it to APC? If the subject doesn't agree with whats been written, how can it be challenged? And how does a 2RO justify writting just 4 - 5 lines a a subject?
  2. What you will find is that whilst your 1st RO is writing your part one he/she will be liaising with your second RO to ensure that the 2nd RO accepts the 1st RO's comments. In effect what should happen then is your SJAR having consistency between each RO's sections as they will have agreed on the information written.

    Do remember, under the old system you saw nothng until it was time to sign, the new system gives you a look in advance of what will be finally submitted.

    That said, if your RO's aren't consistent their could be issues when your report comes out. But by that stage it is no different than the old redress.

    As for 4-5 lines on the subject, how much do you think actually gets read on a promotion board? Better that your write-up is concise and to the point than bloated and detrimental to your chances on the board.
  3. The 1st RO does their piece then it goes to you, you comment or dont then submit. It then goes to the 2nd RO who does their piece and once again it will come back to you for comment and/or submit. It will then go to APC.

    You should see both parts before it goes, you have to otherwise it sits in the queue doing nothing and would need the HR guru to manually move it on.
  4. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Untrue - you only see and agree/disagree the 1RO. There has never been the chance to see 2RO narratives before completion.

    It's just the way it is... better get used to it (unhelpful, but there you go).

  5. In all my SJARS I have seen both ROs' and had the opportunity to comment. It is my submit that then sends it to APC. Am I special?
  6. I had my 1RO & 2RO write up sat in my notifications on JPA. Was told to read it and click no comments so it could go to my 3RO.
    After 3RO wrote his bit it went to Glasgow and a copy was sent to me.
  7. The reporting chain for an SJAR can be set up just about any way the administrator wants. There are also options to send the report backwards and forwards between subject and current writer.

    That said, the norm seems to be that the subject only sees the report from the 1 RO.

    ...and the 1RO very often "drafts" the 2ROs part anyway.
  8. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    You must be; but only you and your 2 RO will know how special... ;)

    Maybe you had a 3RO, an option that I'm not sure about now bearing in mind other comment, but was pretty sure wouldn't make a difference.

    What do I know? Only been working with it for 3 years. I bow to the experience and knowledge of others.

  9. It depends on the hierarchy but the norm should be that you do not see 2RO and they send it straight to APC. If there is any disparity between 1 RO and 2 RO comments (unlikely as has already been posted they are normally in cahoots as to what gets written) then you may be given an opportunity to discuss 2 RO.
  10. Your report should write itself and should therefore come as no surprise......
  11. Sorry to hijack the thread however the title fitted my query.... My husband's (Cpl) 1RO of his SJAR has been written but has yet to have been touched by the 2RO - bearing in mind the date that it should have been received by Glasgow was Apr 15th! He is eligible for promotion so surely this is a huge career foul? I know the obvious answer is for him to go and speak to the RCMO about it, however surely nowadays with JPA everything should be accountable and the 2RO should be getting gripped? Do Glasgow not do anything when they do not receive the full compliment of SJARs??

    Just more of a rant than anything else, but I look forward to your opinions on this...
  12. A problem like this should not need to be addressed outside of the unit. Has your husband spoken to his 1RO to find out why the 2RO comments haven't been completed and the SJAR finalised?

    Rest assured, APC will be chasing your husband's SJAR. They do send out hasteners to the units if reports are not submitted on time.

    Interestingly, a quick look on ArmyNET revealed this little gem taken from a MS publication:

  13. Thanks for your reply. Like I said, I was purely after opinions on this rather than expecting it to be solved on here! He's already spoken to his 1RO about it as well as various other members of his heirarchy but has just been assured that it will be done on time, but that time has been and gone. You mentioned about APC sending 'hasteners' but will anything ever come to the guy who's had the report sat on his JPA for over a month waiting to be actioned? Can a late SJAR still sit the board?
  14. The SJAR can be released to the board, even if the individual has not seen the 2RO/3RO comments.

    APC will issue 2 hasteners to the unit prior to the board sitting if the SJAR has not been received by certain report dates. If the SJAR has not reached Glasgow by the week of the board, the desk officer should contact the 1RO or 2RO, depending on where the problem lies, and request that report be emailed/faxed through immediately.

    If a unit fails to get a soldier's report to the board and the soldier is eligible for promotion, the CO has a duty to inform the soldier that he has potentially been career fouled. This is clearly very embarrassing for a CO, so it tends not to happen too regularly.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. That's good to know.