Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Deathfromabove, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. How does the new system work is a B good enough to go to the board??
  2. A 'B' is good enough to go to the board, but in our modern times take it from me not even an 'A-' will get you promoted.....

    Sorry to be disheartening!
  3. Surely it depends on trade and Corps?

    Where I work B has been good enough to get promoted in the past (and I definitely hope A- is good enough as that is exactly what I just got!)

  4. A badly written A is a badly written report.

    A well written B is good enough for promotion.

    It's not the grade that gets you to the board it's the recommendation.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And so the grade inflation begins again.....
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  7. What's the matter sluggy?

  8. It shouldn't, because the system now permits the CoC to monitor the distribution of grades, which was always impossible with a paper system. In theory, at least, CO 1 Blankshires can now be directly advised by MS that 100 "O" grades for LCpls from his Bn is a little over the top!

    How that will work in practise is beyond me, but I have already noticed that ROs are much more circumspect about awarding anything other than a B - me included! :cry:

    As has already been mentioned, it is the script that is important - not the grade.

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