Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by SimplytheBEST, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. thanks for some of your replies.

    Some of you are just crazy.
  2. "cant right" or did you mean "can't write"?

    Pot and kettle don't you think?

    No wonder your SJAR was not very good.
  3. I never said that I could write, you must be an orificer. You people a messing with peoples careers.

    Still you never said that my point was incorrect.
  4. Let me guess...
    Private soldier (or equivalent), feels hard done by because he didn't pick up and his pals all did.

    If this is such an issue, why not approach the officer in question for reason or repair, rather than making yourself look a teary-eyed tool on a website?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    It is incorrect.

    And you can 't spell.

  6. Well, lofty, you or your muckers don't write the SJARs so your opinions are irrelevant.

    If you're unhappy with your report, use the redress system instead of dripping on the interweb.

    Could it be....god forbid...that you're not quite as good as you think you are?

    In your opinion, what makes you think you are better than your peers? Being a 'good egg' and having potential above your current rank are quite different.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    And while you're at it, change your username to "IthoughtIwasthebestbutmySJARsaysdifferent"
  8. Has it occurred to you that unless you grow some balls and find out why your SJAR wasn't what you wanted then you can't improve and the next SJAR will be exactly the same?

    Or were you too busy in your haste to starting bitching on the internet :roll:
  9. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    OK I’ll bite after all I am a ‘modern man manager’.

    Over a few days have a good look at your self and what you have done and how you have projected you’re self over the period you have been in your present rank; use the guidelines in the SJAR booklet and the Values and Standards booklet..

    Then have a look at the others and try and workout why they are scoring higher than you (here’s the hard bit they can’t all be bum lickers or masons)

    Then write down what you bring to the party and why you feel you have been under valued (note man manager word). Then have a long hard look at this and honestly see it amounts to Jack Poo.

    Then book an interview with you Line Manager (your SNCO one) and canvas their views. Then have a long hard look at these results of these interviews and make notes (there’s a bit of a pattern emerging here).

    By now you have quite a portfolio of evidence (or non evidence) and if you are still not satisfied; book an interview with your SJAR author(1st RO) and discus this matter including the self evaluation process. BE PREPARED TO HEAR SOME HOME TRUTHS and discover for yourself that you are not quite FIG Jam.

    As long as you are clear and methodical you can only gain from the experience and will defiantly get a point to Aim for in the next 6 months until your MPAR.

    Good luck and if you go for it let us know how you get on.

  10. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just thought I would add I am always impressed when someone approaches me with this kind of approach. Once this blows over and you ether redress or have a definite game plan. You will know exactly where you are and how your Line Manger sees you.

    Good, maybe, but a least you will know.
  11. Well bug$er me after a series of 'you are an incompetent fool' type posts Percy has set you on the right track.

    Look at this objectively and you will find that the British Army has maintained a degree of competency by (generally) promoting people who possess an IQ somewhat above that of 'chump'.

    You are neither the first nor the last soldier to be knocked back with regards to promotion, and if you are to achieve any success in the future in this regard then try to look at it like this:

    There are two things that have an effect on your promotion. Firstly the system; and you are in no position to change that. Secondly the individual - and you are well placed to change that.

    Therefore concentrate your efforts onto the latter point and stop aimlessly ticking about your reporting officer via the internet.

    In short you must face the home truth that if you were better at your job then you would have been promoted. It is how you react that will determine if you forget this was ever an issue after retiring as a WO1 or leave with your ambitions unfulfilled but with a boring sh1tty story for your future civvy mates about how some officers couldn't 'right' a decent report.

    P.s. If you had booked an interview with me regarding your report then one of the things I would advise you to improve is your written English. If you aspire to progress up the career ladder (either in or out of the Army) then this really will matter.

    Whether you took that advice on board or not would provide a reasonable indication as to your actual desire for career advancement rather than your internet sounding off.

    Take that in the spirit it was meant, and if you do then good luck to you mate.
  12. Good comment, Alf.

  13. The board obviously has not sat yet as ive only just recieved the first part of my SJAR. Never mind though im pleased you let off a bit of steam.

    No need to thank me though.
  14. I take it your username actually resembles you then.

    ******* Ugly! lol
  15. The only cut & dried response is if you didn't receive an MPAR. Otherwise you will need to follow the advice above & present hard facts in your redress...
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