SJAR, yet another question

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by wellard, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. ok on todays back-brief from an O group we were told to print out our current Sjar's and put them into our IIP's files, sounds simple, but none of our OR's can actually see anything more than their RO1's bit,

    the question is how can we get the full Sjar's for each of us, they are all down as being complete, and past up the chain to Mcn Div,

    btw i'm a OR asking, so any help please!
  2. Ask your HR or RCMO to print it off as an NSAR (if there in).
  3. roger

    many thanks,
  4. Once the 2 RO has done his bit it should come back to you, you can then cut and paste the whole write up into a word document and print/save.

    I have just done this for a couple of my lads.

    Edited to add what the hell is a IIP file? (I know what IIP is) shouldn't it go in your PDR?
  5. ask that question when i got here, its the same thing but not using anything from the PDR! all locally produced pages and folders, seams a total waste, but it the system they use here!

    not had it come back a second time, its just saying it complete and with the final person on the addy list,
  6. Hmmm I can't believe you don't even get to see the 2 RO's bit, sounds very wrong to me. Also you should be using the PDR wonder how you actually do when you get your Techeval inspection, locally produced bollox is annoying especially when there is a perfectly good system like the PDR.

    IMO you should ask your boss why you haven't seen your 2 RO's write up as basically he could write any old bollox about you.
  7. If you open your self service employee, then the link marked "view own appraisal" (its down near the bottom), then a screen will open detailing all the appraisals you have. Open the one you want, then there will be a button marked "Print Appraisal". Press it and you will get a message "request xxxxxxx has been submitted", on this there will be a view button, click it and you will get another screen showing your requests, click on the button marked refresh until you see a marker in the column marked "Output". Click on this marker (looks like paper spooling), then you will get a screen asking whether to open or save a file. This will be your SJAR, you can print from it there. Bit long winded, hope it makes sense!
  8. thanks mate, had this bit nailed, it the fact none of us have seen our RO2's bit yet, think i'll start asking questions tomorrow,

    well above my pay grade tbh, but i'll ask tomorrow,
  9. He's saying it's not come back to him yet, he should get a message in his work flow that his appraisal needs his attention, obviously when he gets this message that is the cue that it's back with him.
    Agree with the rest of your post.
  10. Wellard check your PM's
  11. Dependent on which Arm a Pte/Spr/Tpr/Dvr etc belongs to most, unless graded A+ will not have 2RO input.
  12. have done,

    RA badged RTR attached, does that help?
  13. Nobody gets to see the 2RO input till its been finalised by the APC........
  14. Pte soldiers at my unit get a 2 RO's regardless. I'm not saying your wrong quite the opposite. It's not the first unit like this either.
  15. this is or sjars that were writen in may that we are on about, surely they can't still be at APC? can they? the boards have just sat with the 1st guys picking up last friday