Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by pensionprisoner, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. I have a question, once an SJAR is finalised can it be recalled to correct discreprencies. I ask because the subject does not see his RO 2 piece until it is returned from Glasgow?
  2. Why? Is you 2RO vastly different from your 1RO?
  3. R2 has written a sentance which is totally inaccurate and can be counteracted with evidence.
  5. You can redress of complaint then. Just make sure it is done correctly.
  6. Oh, smartarrse, how do you do that then?

    (It's a shite picture btw and makes my computer slower - shock)
  7. Its been a while. but I've represented 2 of my CRs and redressed one.

    Don't know if it is any different with SJARs though.
  8. Hang on Cleverhead, what are the procedures for redressing then? You gave that poor lad half of a bone and let the rest dangling. If you are going to talk the talk you need to give him the correct AGAI to use. Which one is it then?
  9. Like I said. Its been a while and I seem to remember it being a pain in the arse process. It needs a little research, for one i'm not in the office and for two i don't know if or how things have changed.

    It was just a steer. Not absolute advice, I would suggest another arser jumps in and helps out!
  10. No, sorry Dingerr, you claimed to be the font of all knowledge of this, in the RHQ Thread. Did you join to be a clerk?
  11. I didn't claim to be the font of all knowledge. Quite the opposite in fact.

    That's why you've got a bag on. I've stepped into your empire.

    Please accept my apologies. I've done no more than if a soldier had come to me with the same problem. I know that certain things can be done, but not always the correct way of doing them; at which point I normally try directing them to those who do.

    Please help the original poster out.
  12. Sorry, i shall expand upon my original post,

    I was wondering what the proceedure was, as under SJAR i did not see the R2 comments until the document returned from MCM. It wss then finalised, does this mean that it can not be changed? Under this new system i seems that the soldier has been dealt a raw deal in this respect.
  13. The new Complaints procedure that came into effect Jan 2009 details the process for Redress, JSP 8 something, I cant recall the number, are contained therein, and yes, you do not get to see 2RO or 3RO until MCM Div send you the copy, once finalised.
  14. Oh, and that picture is Brilliant, love it.
  15. Was that for me?

    Shhhh, I'm not allowed to post in the RHQ forum. Sluggy will spank me with a spatula 8O