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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by madpad_01, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a number of questions on SJARs, Just hope some one can answer.

    1. In the Recommendations Summary, what does the following mean:

    Promotion 1 Rank up - Excp (other reports say High & Yes) :?
    Promotion 2 Rank up - Dev :?

    2. In the old CR what was written by your CO got you promoted. Does this still apply in the SJAR. :?

    3. If posted Who's write up is more important Your Current CO or the CO from your Parent Unit?

    4. What happens if Your parent CO write up contradicts your Current CO write up?

    Thanks for your help

  2. 1. Exceptional, High, Yes and Developing are all possible entries into the box therefore in this case promotion 1 rank up exceptional, promotion 2 ranks up developing.

    2. Yes, no change.

    3&4. I thought it was 1 report by 1 CO so didn't think that two CO's writing on the same report would occur so can't answer these.
  3. 1. One rank up = Excp (that is "exceptional") means promote this soldier to the next rank now.

    2 ranks up = Dev means that the soldier could not yet perform two ranks up but may well do so in the future. It is a guide to your long-term potential.

    2. No change. If the CO reckons you should be promoted and has recommended you, and all the other bits are in place, then you should score highly at the Board and should then be promoted when a vacancy arises.

    3. Your current CO should report on you at Part 2. There are rules for soldiers who may be posted/detached to a unit without commissioned officers.

    4. Your Pl Comd or OC writes Part 1, your current OC or your current CO writes Part 2, and the SJAR is submitted to MCM Div. AFAIK, the rules for a third officer becoming involved are fairly restricted. There was a rule that insisted that a soldier who was reported on by an officer from another capbadge should have Part 3 completed by an officer from his capbadge, but I think that has been relaxed.

    But if you didn't understand the report, why didn't you discuss it with the Reporting Officer?

  4. Unlucky_Alf & Litotes

    Thanks for the quick replies..

    Just in my case I am posted to another unit for 2 Years.

    So RO1 is my Current OC
    RO2 is my CO from my unit that I am posted to
    But I also have an Insert from my Parrent unit CO. So I have two CO's writing on me.
    So that is why I asked which Write up has the greater weight.
  5. I assume that you are at least a Cpl; soldiers and JNCOs in some Corps are promoted by their COs after an internal board - not by an external promotion board.

    That's a difficult question because it depends upon the Board members.

    I recall reading a CR where the report and the operational insert slip described two completely different soldiers. All the Board members commented on the difference and all had checked that the number, rank and name matched! The operational insert came out ahead and all members had graded the soldier on the insert.

    If the two reports are different, why didn't you question the RO when you were given the opportunity to do so?

  6. If you are attached to a different unit surely the 3RO comes into affect?

    IIRC you can't get an insert from your parent unit..... the parent unit is supposed to be the one writing the SJAR!!!!
  7. I must preface this by saying I'm working in a job that is roughly equal to an Adjutant in the RN...

    I appreciate that you've explained you'll have 2 CO writing your reports but is this because:
    1. you have been employed outside of specialisation;
    2. the job you are doing is radically different to your usual job but you're only doing it for 5 months;
    3. some other Army specific reason?

    As far as Insert Slips are viewed, they provide extra colour to your main report and should support it in many ways. If there is a radical difference the board may choose to believe one over the other. I would presume that the CO who shares your cap-badge (and the cap-badge of the board) will probably be viewed with more weight than the other CO. I would suggest ringing up your MCM desk for detailed guidance.
  8. I am a SNCO in the Inf. Posted outside my parent unit which is why I get 2 CO's writing on me.

    As for seeing my SJAR the only time I got to see it was after my current OC wrote his section (RO1). From there it went to my Current CO (RO2) then on to my parent Unit (The insert). From there it went straight to Glasgow who then sent me a copy.

    I will give my desk head a call this week and see what they say.

    Thanks all for the info.
  9. I do not know what value the insert drafted by the parent unit might add to the process in your case. I thought that such inserts had been stopped in order to reduce the overall workload (the board members still have to read everything in the file).

    You have had two ROs comment on you; why do you need a third?

    Rhetorical question only; it will be interesting to see what Glasgow says, PERSEC permitting.

  10. I'm a little confused when you're talking 'parent' and 'current' CO but assuming that you're serving at E2:

    Your employing officer is your 1RO - current OC
    Your current CO is your 2RO
    Some cap badges still require a 3RO for certain ranks which would be your own cap bagde CO (if inf or RAC I think) or if in a Corps any random staff officer nearby or in the next higher HQ.

    If your parent unit CO has written an insert slip, that should be purely to cover an unreported period, i.e. if you were posted to the new unit part way through the reporting period. As to which one has most weight, I’d suggest probably neither, unless there was a radically assessment of your ability between the two, they should merely build a picture of your year.
  11. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Seems to be some confusion here over 1st, 2nd and 3rd RO. JSP 757 is the bible for all of these and as I am currently the poor fcuker that deals with all of the SJARs in an Inf Bn I will tell you what it says with regards to the Infantry.

    Ptes and LCpls will have Pl Comd and Coy OC as 1st and 2nd RO respectively. Cpls and above will have Coy Comd and CO as 1st and 2nd RO.

    If any soldier is recommended for a commission on their SJAR then a Head of Arm Insert Slip is required. Not 3rd RO. Head of Arm Insert Slip for Inf Soldiers is currently completed by the Div Col.

    Any soldier recommended for commissioning who actually applies for one requires 3rd RO input to his SJAR.

    Soldiers serving at 'E' will have a Head of Arm Insert Slip completed by their parent unit CO.

    In short, 1st RO, 2nd RO and Head of Arm Insert Slip as required. 3rd RO for those who are applying for commission.

    Hope this helps.
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  13. In short yes they should be....however, they are loaded by your senior admin bloke or MVM Div.

    So have a word with someone...your Chief clerk or your desk officer.

    I stand to be corrected however your OTX insert may not be used for a board though clearly an Op insert is.
  14. Have SJAR question
    If you are always been FE but had injurie is your RO ment to Put that in your sjar is it nessary should I ask to have it taken out