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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Griffinthe2nd, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. After receiving my SJAR through my JPA workflow, and returning it to the administrator, should I still receive an OC's interview/bollocking/guidance?

    Seems the personal touch has gone, or do most still get an interview?
  2. Thread finished.
  3. Of course you get an interview. This should of been done before they sent it through the workflow for you to tick off.

    Otherwise you could go to town in the comment box.

    All the SJAR has done is automate and change the grading process.
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  4. As I suspected. I'm not alone in this at my unit.

    With regards to the comment box, I am informed that all comments recorded are sent with the SJAR to the board, so thought it wise not to go mental
  5. You should still receive an interview. What's more worrying is the ignorance surrounding subject comments on this (and other) threads. I'm not having a go at individuals but the CoC should leave guys in no doubt the ramifications of putting comments in the 'suicide' box.

    As a 1RO, I draft the report in Word, then always interview the subject without fail (even over the phone if they're deployed) so that any discrepancies are sorted before it goes onto JPA, then the subject just needs to OK it. As 2RO, i either interview the subject or at least let them have sight in case of violent disagreements (bearing in mind that the 2RO's bit does not necessarily have to be seen by the subject prior to release to APC).

    If you absolutely have to put comments, the advice is that you should only comment about factual inaccuracies, e.g. 'he's a shirker and dodges deployments' when you've clearly just come back from Afghan etc. You shouldn't comment on the RO's opinion - if he thinks your leadership's weak then any comment will be seen as a whine by the board.
  6. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I never realised how the system worked, and was very lucky to have a mate reading over my shoulder who more or less screamed at me to stop what I was writing, as I was basically tearing the 1RO's opinion to bits. He told me that whatever was put in the Subject box, stays with that report, forever.


    So I was told just to tick 'No Comment' and leave it at that. That seems even more dubious to me though. :S
  7. If you belive that the SJAR is incorrect, and the 1st RO don't change it, then you need to write something, but make sure it is correct.
  8. Adux is pretty much correct with his comments and the only thing I would add is that nothing in your SJAR should come as a surprise. Your redress comes into play if something is mentioned that was not in your MPAR. We in the CoC have an obligation to let you have an opportunity to rectify any problems, by identifying issues in your MPAR.

    You can then legitimately complain about "Subjective" comment, mentioning that it wasn't mentioned half way through the year.
  9. SOOOOOOOOOO, What if you did not get an MPAR, you disagreed with first RO, had no interview and then had your SJAR arrive at the board after the board had sat??................................I think you would be having it in the ass at this point but what would you say/do?

    YEP Thats me and thats where I am at!!
  10. oooooooooo and there's more but that can wait
  11. Redress. Simples.
  12. Not all the information here is correct.

    The comments you post in your comments box do not always go to the board. The idea is that this box is an electronic version of your interview. It gives you the chance to state FACTUAL inaccuracies with your report or any mismanagement you may have had. e.g. "As I have not had a mid year appraisal this year, I had not been made aware of the fact I was failing in X,Y,Z area and feel that had I been informed of it, I would have had ample opportunity to rectify it."

    At this point the report goes back to the 1RO. It is then up to the 1RO if he thinks your comments are balls and sends the report anyway(the board will see it), or realises you've just signed his death warrant and amends the SJAR accordingly(your comments vanish).

  13. Do you then see the amended SJAR, or does it just get sent, as you'll have no idea otherwise how it's been amended?
  14. As soon as 1RO makes ANY amendments(even a spelling mistake), it then has to be 'sent to subject' before it can be sent anywhere.