SJAR injustice

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Richo=56, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. Last year was my first SJAR, however i found that blokes of more experience and even time served had got the same grade. i'm aware these are suppsed to be confidential.
    my point to this is how can you take a p3 downgraded person never passed a pfa in the last 5 years and give him a B- then another bloke who does everything he can to improve his reports. passing all fitness and going "above and beyond" then somehow still only getting a b-.

    this seems injustice to me, and when it comes to redress it is probably not in your interest to as rocking the boat would only cause further character assasination.

    Has anyone else been subject to this
  2. You have answered your own question.

    This is your first SJAR, you have stated that the P3 Downgraded* person with over 5 years service has been graded B-, I assume you were also graded B- after 1 years service.

    The B- grade shows that you are performing to the standard expected in most respects, this is fine after only 1 year, not so fine after 5 years.

    P3 Downgraded bloke is also 'performing to the standard expected in most respects'.

    Remember that fitness is only 1 aspect of the reporting criteria (a very important aspect none the less).

    In most Army jobs, after 1 year, you will not be in a position to be selected for promotion, don't get too bent out of shape about this years grade, you should be looking in the narrative for phrases that indicate potential for promotion, you can build on that potential with your next SJAR.

    To stand a good chance of promotion, you need to show a track record of progression, improvement and employment proficiency to the board, if you improve on your B- in your next SJAR, you are doing this. If you are given an A or an O, you have no room for improvement.

    All this talk of 'injustice' and 'character assassination' is a little melodramatic, indicating maybe, you aren't ready for the responsibilities that promotion bring, have a little think about that.

    Basically, dry your eyes princess, stop being a drama queen, do well and you will be rewarded in turn.

    * (thats actually MLD, Medically Limited Deployability, under the new JMES, Joint Medical Employment Standards)
  3. Incidentally,

    What have the SNCO's in your CoC said about the matter?

    If you've asked them........
  4. Concentrate on your own career and no one elses.

    If you don't agree with a point in your SJAR you can add your own comments.

    Dry your eyes.
  5. now then golf one one! seems ive lost my sense of humour, so after such a saw comment you clearly riddiculed and have gone completely off the rails here.
    senior member or not you have no idea who you are talking to or at what point/level in my career iam. i'm guessing the bedroom department at home isn't going to well otherwise you are just an arse who thinks he is doing someone well by telling them to dry there eyes..
    in which decade did you actually join! as i do not at any time remember the lesson of putting someone down. do you not think that by reading a little more values and standards and sticking by them that you might succeed in helping a drama queen such as myself, or be it that strong minded bloke you may have worked with that now suffers with ptsd.
    i was giving you an example of a past scenario at my workplace not a current one, the answer is yes i had spoken to a senior about my last sjar. which was last years sjar, im expecting my second one this year. you may well remember such a thing called a CR. which i had 3 of those before reaching this point. as i say you have no idea where i am in my career.
    yes i maybe a little inexpierienced in the modern fashion of reports after not being all that interested in my younger years, for being to busy actually getting on with my job. iam now contending with 2 other blokes in my job, i of course do not expect to be there on the board this year as i have only been in my rank for almost 2 years, however it does not mean that i am not ready for the progression to the next rank. maybe with a mentor like you id be a high flyer just like you hey!!
    then and again maybe not!!
    i will try putting the question in a clear manner, for your self to answer as you are such a bloody wizard. if you read back on previous threads about sjars/promotion.downgraded people being promoted.. you will then understand the content of my question

    why is it that downgraded people write up or not! still get graded the same as a p2 soldier. i feel it is quite unjustified. and i do not believe that it would be got away with in many other jobs.

    if juniors would like a fair crack of the whip then give it to them, let them prove there worth! how else would a soldier be reported on other than job related progression.
    i have seen blokes tip up looking like a bag of shit for years now, had words with them and there commanders, part one orders has been handed to them in hope it may hit home that its there job. i am far from perfect but i do turn up for work kit pressed and boots highly polished. if a soldier cannot even get that right how the hell can they expect him to do his job proffesionally,

    Hugs and kisses

    Drama queen!!
  6. Wow, someone is tired!
  7. it could be worse, i know a fella who injured himself at the end of a tour. Hes been recovering for the last year and a half (expected to make a full recovery). despite this he isnt allowed to attend a cadre because he cannot "drag a 12 stone simulated casulty 50 metres"

    he has a citation that says he done exactly that in real life yet the system says he has to carry out a pretend one before he can be promoted
  8. Stop ******* crying. That's why you receive the grades you do. Because you're immature.
  9. [​IMG]****-UP.jpg?imageSize=Medium&generatorName=SGTHARTMAN

    Take your pick!

  10. Maybe you would have got a different answer if you had laid all the facts out?
    Length of service, previous experience etc.

    That does give the impression that you are a nig.

    As for your other scribblings, have you been on the piss today?

    I will answer when you re write it in english.


    maybe your poor grades and lack of promotion (all the nasty downgraded blokes fault, clearly)
    means your unit think you are a complete and utter useless ****?
  11. Dry your fuckin eyes!
  12. There is a very simple explanation to this scenario....'re really shit at your job.
  13. I doubt he's that good!
  14. Bloody he'll richo-drama queen it is! You post a thread for advice, receive some (you don't like) and hurl a load of disjointed, unjustified and pointless abuse back to people that haven't actually done anything to you.

    Banter is one thing but being a complete hairy arrse crack is a bit out of order. Young, bold or in between if you want respect for your position give it out first.

    Expect everything that is hurled in your direction.
  15. Oh and I doubt it's "SJAR injustice" it's most likely justice you just don't like.