SJAR career foul?

Right long story short here. I have been in the Army for 4 years. I left phase 2 training in April 2011. Upon arrival at unit I was placed in a holding troop for the course associated with the unit.

A year or so later having gone threw the course (counts also as PNCO so was eligible for promotion) I was sent straight off on a deployment as an individual replacement. I then returned 3 months later to leave followed by an exercise and a course (this is 19 months after arriving at unit).

At this point I was placed on high readiness to again make up numbers as the team was short of guys. Now June 2013 (2 years and 2 months at unit) approaches and my Troopie flaps massively upon realising I haven't had an SJAR (some might say at this point it's my fault but I bounced from one troop too another picking up the slack), I had raised the question but didn't fully understand how the whole SJAR and board system worked.

Consequently an SJAR was written and signed off for the longest period of time the system would allow it (18 months). Since then I have had a normal SJAR along with everyone else just before Re-trading in April 2014 mainly due to the above reasons. I have re-traded into a technical trade giving promotion out of training.

Considering I have re-traded is there any reason to flag this up as a service complaint/mismanagement?
The boards at my old place were "in-house" (self regulated) that doesn't seem to occur in the new corps so with that in mind is there anything positive that could come out of this?
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OK, that makes considerably more sense, now - thanks for sorting it out.

I suppose my question would be: "how have you been disadvantaged by not having all the SJARs you should have received?" - i.e. are you lower in rank, trade qualification or general condition than you would have been, had you had the SJARs you missed?


Getting fcuked over for promotion is part of Army life 14 year Full Screw.

Add your own rants here its Friday knocking off soon, still better than civvi counter part.
Well I was informed by a clerk that I should have done a military trade qualification within 12 months of being at unit. I completed the qualification 2 years and 6 months after arriving (4 months before re-trading). I haven't been able to find any paper work that confirms the clerk's claim.
This qualification was also linked to the AIP which under normal circumstances would have been used on completion of the course and then a second 6 months later to take me from class 3 to class 1. Instead I received both at the same time December 2013.
I also mention the qualification as this is part of the criteria for promotion.
As far as as promotion goes I came top off of the selection board coincidently as I had just mentioned re-trading. I was informed I would promote if I didn't put the paper work in. I didn't believe the hierarchy at this point as had seen guys sat waiting 18 months plus after being told this.

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