Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by TRAZTAZ, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. I posted this in the SJAR topic and then it was locked, why?

    I have a question, what if for instance the 1st RO says the sun shines out of your bum , you tick no comment and then eventually receive 2nd RO's comments to find he has done you over ......................hypothetically for the SECOND year in a row????

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    Re: SJAR
    Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:13 pm

    I have a question, what if for instance the 1st RO says the sun shines out of your bum , you tick no comment and then eventually receive 2nd RO's comments to find he has done you over ......................hypothetically for the SECOND year in a row????

    You do actually have a point there. I'm quite sure when it was the old system you seen both reports before they got sent off. Now what happens is you see your 1stRO you either comment on it or not, then it gets sent off. You don't see it again

    there was obviously one answer, but why locked?

    I am still looking for an answer by the way , or is it you Col.
  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Apologies Traz, it was I who locked the topic. The whole thread prior to your post had simpy turned into a fcuking mess!

    Still maybe you will get an answer on this try.

  3. If there is a significant disagreement between the 1RO and 2RO in either the narrative of the report or the recommendations/grading the 2RO has to tick a box to say whether or not he has informed you (the subject) . If he has not interviewed you to discuss the differences then I would suggest that you should request an interview with; 1st - the 1RO and then the 2RO. If you are not satisfied with the answers given by the 2RO then you have every right to submit a Redress/Representation (your RAWO will be able to take you through the Complaints procedure).
  4. You only have 3 months after the report date to submit a complaint, you don't get sight of the full SJAR complete until MCM Div send it to your work flow, you only acknowledge 1RO (and the comments/suicide box if you so wish).
  5. Is that how it is supposed to work? I was able to see my part 1 then tick it off as seen, i then saw part 2 once it was entered onto the system, and i was then able to see my part 3 when that was completed too.

    Admittedly the JPA hierarchy for me was all a bit here there and everywhere but i was still able to read everything before it was submitted.
  6. Small problem in that this report is from last unit, and both RO's are also now elsewhere, god only knows where, feel I have been done a kipper by the 2nd RO, what to do????
  7. Is this a genuine "stitch-job" or is it just your perception that you have been hard done by?

    You need to talk to your Troopie and/or someone who has attended a promotion board in Glasgow (most Majors and senior Captains, and some Warrant Officers). Show them the report and ask for their candid opinion.

    If they think you may have been career fouled, then you should consider a redress, but as LJS pointed out, you have only 3 months!

    Happy to discuss!

  8. You may have seen them, however, they would not have come to your workflow for comment, you can only do that at 1RO.
  9. Which presumably takes them out of your reporting chain. Mate, it happens. Over the last 20 years or so it has happened a couple of times to me-most recently in my last 2 reports. Sometimes you just don't get on with the person in question. It doesn't make you a mong or them a wnaker. Sure it pi$$es you off at the time but if you are as good as your other ROs have said over the years you'll still be ok. think "swings and roundabouts". Hope this helps and good hunting
  10. Devexwarrior, all you say I hear, the crapper fpr me is this is my last shot at a board before the bigg 22 says you won't get on one anymore..................................think I will print it up and stick this and the last one under the new bosses nose and see what he says.Right thing to do?
  11. I had (have) a similar problem. My SJAR was written just before I left my unit in Dec 08. I saw the 1RO's report, which I disagreed to slightly. He told me tough shit, he wouldn't change it. I thought "ah ha! I'll have you on JPA and have MY say", but for some reason, I couldn't put a comment in the box!!

    My SJAR is now floating around somewhere without my input and God only knows what happens next...
  12. the reason you can comment on 1RO comment is because it replaces what used to be your local commander pulling you in before he actually wrote it on your CR and saying, do you agree / disagree comments etc. He would then amend as Nec.

    Complaints process remains the same.
  13. My experience of the TA is that they are highly motivated individuals; what they lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm. It only takes half an operational tour (at most) to bring them up to standard.

    For what its worth; I can think of a lot of TA lads who I would prefer to share a basha with or go out on the pish with than some of the REGS I served with.

    Enough said.
  14. That'll be the wrong thread then!
  15. A very strange answer there, anyway back on topic and I have shown the boss who is apalled and has contacted records, problem now is the board has sat!!!!I have been advised to sit on my hands untill results are out , and at that point take any apropriate action...........................why can my life just not be as simple as it should be??

    Any one got any comments on the advice?