SJAR and Promotion query!

Hi all.
I am currently serving in the RAMC, and I was selected for promotion to LCpl in September 2015. As is not normally the case, I attended and completed a PNCO cadre in February - March 2015 (a case of right place right time) months before I was selected for promotion. After being selected for promotion I put in a triple p and was posted to my new unit on the 5th January 16.

However, around 8 weeks before I left my previous unit, the regt re-orbat'd and I was moved sqn's, into what I believe to be a LCpl PID. I was on all nominal role's with the rank of LCpl, in theory; I would've been substastive had I been promoted and I've been told I should have had supp pay if in fact it was a LCpl PID.
I was also wondering would I be able to get my seniority back dated to then?

My second point is, how long do I have to be in rank for to recieve an SJAR of said rank? I've been a LCpl for 3 months. Do you need 6 months in rank to recieve a report for said rank?

With that said, IF my seniority is backdated, will I have a case to recieve a LCpl SJAR for this reporting period?
What does your assignment order say?
On being moved Sqn you should have received a new assignment order because you have changed PIDs. As it was only for 8 weeks I doubt it.
Your new assignment order to your new unit would have stated when your next SJAR was due and by which unit.

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