Size of the Corps...

Anyone fancy themselves smarter than Google that can offer me an answer on how many personnel there are in the Royal Corps at the moment?

If there isn't an Arrser somewhere that knows, then the Colonel himself probably doesn't... Hell, he may even be lurking here somewhere.

- The Usual.
The liability should be fairly easy to deduce from what is on the SOinC(A) website, but the true number after gaps and excesses have been taken into account will probably only be accurately known by APC.

Have you been jiffed to deliver a tonk presentation on the Corps or something?
Trust me, I worked there. It's scientifically done with a combination of smoke, mirrors, an abacus and a dart-board.
Yes, Deane Drummond strikes again. There was a day when essay competitions were voluntary... Thanks for the reply.

- The Usual
If it makes you feel better, I'll be doing that essay too. I won't be including an accurate number of people in the Corps though, just an approx figure.
As at Nov 11, predicted manning:

11/12 - Offs x 969 & Soldiers x 6762

12/13 - Offs x 951 & Soldiers x 6610

(Only Tranche 1 redundacy has been taken into account)

What sort of benderific essay is this? Why not how RF reacts in certain areas of the world?

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