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Is the Army efficently run

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Who actually pulls the strings for the Army when we loose Units to dispandment in an effort to cut costs yet the Army readally wastes money on Contractors who repeatidly produce poor standards which end up costing more then they should, yet because they are contracted yearly nothing is done.
Recently One particular unit binned over £250,000 pounds worth of equipment before someone decided that it might be useful so the remaining equipment was put into storage. 
 Then there is pay how can you justify that some capbadges pay structure is so poorly thought out in that a Lcpl is earning as much as a Sgt .

Also Dicipline with the new dicipline procedures, when a minor sanction could be a few extra work periods (so what ?) bring back jailing them or thrashing them on the drill square.

 The Army is to softly managed by people that could'nt hold down a managerial job in a chip shop.  Give your views you never know someone may read this post and take notice.


And if your old English teacher saw this Smithers, she'll drop her arrse!

Why don't some of you cnuts get your arrses onto a basic skills course.
I don't think anyone would be surprised by any "revelation"of inefficiency in the Army.

But why shouldn't a LCpl earn more than a Sgt? Rank is important but people in the Army can get too fixated on it..

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