Size 16 Miss England

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pompey, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Chloe Marshall is the first size 16 model to become a Miss England finalist with a "luscious" figure at 5ft 10in, a size 16 and 38DD bustline.

    She spreads the weight about quite nicely...not the big chubber I was expecting. Very nice.

    Sweet 16
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    FCUK OFF! with thighs like those she could break your back.
  3. She's a minger! And I'm not saying that because of her size either. I've shagged prettier fat birds!
  4. I expected more from you. Pompey, Im with you on this one, I would happily splatter it all across her.
  5. I prefer 'curvy' (read as fat) women, but she's no looker. I'd still do her though.
  6. Could do without the bingo wings and multi-chins, but otherwise well within limits.

    Having said that, this sort of thing is just some fatty's wet dream really isn't it? "Even though I'm a 'Big girl', I'm still gorgeous enough to be miss England".

    Riiight... Stop eating the pies and start suck starting leafblowers, and you might get to be Miss Universe, and then you can shag He-man or the Thundercats. Bloater.
  7. Seems like a nice girl, I would, according to the web site one of her talents is giving facials, can't be all bad

    "I love giving facials because i like conecting with people, I like telling jokes even though im bad at it!"
  8. Whhhoooaaah! Hold on there! I didn't say that I wouldn't happily give her some covering fire! I'm not sure she deserves to be "Miss Surrey" though.

    I live in Surrey, there are some stunning posh bints round here.
  9. Size 16 at age 16. 32 at 32?
  10. It was a close run thing.
    ....................and in second place we have.............Box Hill.
  11. Quality :)
  12. Was she in the "Who ate all the pies" catagory?
  13. That's f*ck all. I've shagged fat birds who weren't even pretty!