Size 14 Boots

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Buzz2186, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. I have size 14 feet and find it hard to get boots. I have paid out and got some Alt-Bergs. The Alts are great for work but very expensive.:pissedoff:. I have got hold of some Pro boots but the ones i got cheap had the Purple inside and the boots sole broke.
    I want a boot that i can polish up and use and not worry about marking them when i have to restrain people at work. I have looked at the German Para boot but got a pair for £30 and the carboard in the heel had gone so have boots that look great but cut you heel off. Need help as thinking to chop my toes of. Wish i had size 12 as loads x supplies on Ebay etc.
  2. 'Fraid it's the boxes they come in after this ?
  3. I too have size 14 boats and had difficulty in civvy street getting comfortable boots - My issue pair were fine, however, and kept me going around Dartmoor. Now I wear Rockfall boots, which are very comfortable.
  4. Lowa Combat GTX and Mountain boots also come in 14/15. And very good they are too.
  5. Can anyone tell me if i can get size 14 Assault Boots as all the shops and Internet are saying MOD are not letting things go due to budget cuts. Really need cheap boots like Assault boot as have got Alt-berg.
  6. Not sure specifically about assault boots but if you're anywhere near Bournemouth try BASE in Charminster. Tim carries quite a good range of surplus boots/shoes and often has larger sizes in stock.
  7. I don't know how long ago you did your restraint course, but these days kicking them in the head until they submit is generally frowned upon.
  8. Nice More when you have them in ground pin and then you have to change over teams i normal have had the Sheild and need to kick it away. The change over is the time i get my Boots marked as i have to make a wide base to anable other team to gain control.
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    (Grammar nazi head on) Made no sense. Have you tried this thread?
  10. Mr_Fingerz

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    If you are not serving, you could do worse than going to a builders merchants and asking to look at their stock of "Dickies Workwear". They're reasonably priced, very comfortable, and not all are steelies (though most are). You won't pay VAT on them either as they're considered to be personal safety gear.