Sixty Years On

Just been given a copy "Sixty Years On" by the author/editor David Arnold. (ISBN 978-0-9551730-0-4).

What a superbly illustrated mixture of contemporary accounts and memories from people who where there.

I would thoroughly recommend it


Taken from Book sleeve "David Arnold started SIxty Years on as a series in Motoring& Leisure in January 2004. It proved immensely popular with readers of all age groups and attracted many hundreds of stories and anecdotes from the first installment. The book has been put together as a result of reader demand and includes a substantial amount of additional material and illustrations."

And taken of Amazon
"For the years 1944-1945, this work features personal stories from veterans and civilians propaganda poster art, and paintings by RAF commissioned artists, Frank Wootion and David Shepherd. It also features several military photographs.

This lavishly illustrated book has fascinated me. I was a child in wartime England but my parents wanted me to have a happy childhood so they carefully sheltered me from all the events and tragedies of the war. They hid the newspapers from my sight and never listened to the BBC news when I was around. So, this book has filled in many of the gaps in my appreciation of how the war affected everybody in both civilian and military life. I just couldn't put it down as I read of so many first hand experiences of everyday life in England and beyond our borders and I looked at photographs, newspaper articles and familiar posters.
Indeed it is an odyssey of ordinary people living through extraordinary times. It is a beautiful memorabilia of World War II, attractively edited by David Arnold. Amazon Review By Ann Harland"

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