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Getting back to a sensible topic, and hoping this won't be deleted - still puzzled as to why earlier posts were closed.

As it happens Boris7 I have a FOI project for you, as you seem to like this sort of thing.

Some years back I tried to get the location of a public telephone box from the BT operator from it's phone number. Only to be told that they couldn't provide that information to anyone other than the police. My reason at the time was that I had a phone call from a runaway boy asking me to let his mum know he was ok. He went back home shortly after dark anyway, but there had been a lot of concern and I would have much rather nipped out with his mum and looked for him in the region of the phone box.

As you can imagine, the attitude of the operator got right up my nose. They do know where phone boxes are and can identify them simply from the phone number. Plus these are PUBLIC access phone boxes, anyone can see where they are, walk in and get the phone number. So it's not as if it's any sort of secret.

Over the following weekend I strolled around and got the numbers for the most local phone boxes and gave her a list of them. Well, everyone needs a hobby right? and it gave me a righteous thirst.

Now, although I don't see this hag anymore I still remember how the atttude of this snoty BT operator anoyed me. So if you would kindly get on to BT with a FOI request for all the locations and numbers of public call boxes. The I could easily create a directory of them all, and offer it to anyone whos would like a copy. Can't say fairer than that, can I.

So let us know how you get on. Cheers.


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Weird thing I've never had a problem with Sixty or the other mods. I've a notion boris is a bit of a biscuit brain with the capacity of a rich tea dunked in tramp juice.

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