@Sixty - Is he still licking his wounds from yesterday's meltdown??

It might just be me but that comment doesn't seem to be taking a side. There's no mention of pro- or anti-Brexit there.

Could just as easily read "most Brexit voters were dim, racist fuckwits. The non-racist intelligent people stayed at home and didn't bother to vote."
Except that @Sixty tends to be a bit Cromwellian in his posts, so his meaning is clear.


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@Sixty came one here yesterday evening and accused all Leave voters of being
If, as a leave voter, you're trying to counter the claim that all Leave voters are dim*, this post doesn't help your case.

*to avoid doubt, I don't believe this.


@Sixty posted the following:

"... most Brexit voters were dim, racist fuckwits."
The 'were' implies they no longer are, also doesn't specify which side they identify with as all voters had the opportunity to vote on Brexit, either leave or remain.
I suspect the only thing he’ll be licking is the side of an empty Buckie bottle as he awakes in the gutter somewhere covered in vomit & reeking of p*ss. The bigoted little tw*t

His meltdown was fun to watch though, he does play the stereotypical angry/ranting wee jock very well....


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FFS. Here at Fuckwit Towers, why can’t I just revel in my racism by the light of my low-wattage bulb without people constantly referring to it on ARRSE?
"Yes, it really is. Dress it up as patriotism as much as you like but most Brexit voters were dim, racist fuckwits."
I represent that remark!

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