sixties in germany

hi guys
I,m new to the site,but i always make a point of reading the MN forum, i lurked about for a while. The reason i,ve come on tonight is to walk down memory lane, and ask if any of you guys were with the 69th USA MSL DET,who were stationed in HANDORF nw germany Brit sector?.we as young soldiers used to provide transport for you guys, The time spent at your camp was enjoyable and we found you easy going guys,even though one of your lieutenants got me a fortnight in the slammer :lol: ,I am still hunting him down :wink: .there were a lot of young lads shipped out to vietnam then from that camp, hope they all got back, unlikely i know.just a point of interest to anyone who was there is that you are now able to find the old silos at ostbevern on google earth,they must have been that well built that it must have been too expensive to dismantle.
best regards to you.
ps it was the first time i ever ate a hamburger, never forget it
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