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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. Anybody read this weeks Whingers Page in the Sixth Sense? It stuns me the things that some people whine about in Germany. They've got tax free this and that and a lifestyle they wouldn't be able to keep up if they were back in the UK, but for some people, that's not good enough.

    Some Staffy has written in (even puts his name to the letter) whining about an upside down Union Jack. Not a great issue, but understandibly one which may upset some, but he spends 10 paragraphs (no doubt the edited version as well) telling the whole of BFG how, during a visit to the garden of remembrance at Rheindahlen, his 'initial thoughts of pride' were turned into 'shock and horror' when he saw the the Union flag had been hung upside down. He claims that being 'gutted' was 'an understatement' and that he was 'truly disgusted' and then goes off on one about people 'being utterly ashamed of themselves'. I could imagine him, all red faced and stamping his feet in his Barbour jacket and Moleskins. 10 paragraphs to say that he wasn't happy about an upside down flag. Complaining to whoever was responsible for the garden and leaving the matter at that, wasn't good enough for this cooky.......he had to write to the papers.

    Talk about over reacting. What a w*nker. I'll bet it's just a joy to work for this geezer.

    There's also a brammer about the Monkeys. Some bloke phoned them up for a bit of help and they laughed at him. Must admit that I chuckled.

    Have a read for yourselves.
  2. Psssssssssssssst. I See Dead People.
  3. Are they behind me?
  4. ... OOooo it's gettin cold in here... (I wish it' dam hot)
  5. what a pr1ck ffs! This guy is more anal than a gay in soho armed with a vast supply of rohypnol and viagra.

    i bet the christmas knees up is a laugh :roll:
  6. Newsflash off thread
    Its just a mirror.
    Carry on.......
  7. I'm sorry. I have a tendancy to not be able to understand rabid drivell. :roll:
  8. Don't be rediculous. Theres plenty of it about to warrant a bite or three :wink:
  9. Ref the thread..... i bet this t0ssp0ot didnt bother to actually point the "massive dissapointment" out to anybody who actually organised the event or were there running it! Typical wan*er who just sees something and then goes away and complains instead of actually trying to help put it right!

    Now Laird-x....... These dead people you see- you really should stop digging around in the cemetary.
  10. He’s gotta get his jollies somewhere he’s always in the bad books with Mrs Lairdx :lol:
  11. Suppose, just suppose that the warden was in dire danger of being molested by the tea-lady and raised the flag the wrong way up as a distress signal..... just suppose......
  12. Apparantly he's a clerk in the Monkeys at JHQ. Obvioulsy the flag police.
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Dear Sixth Sense,

    I am deeply distrubed to report that my flaps hurt. It is clearly a failure in the system that people can't look after me and as a SSgt I am unable to stand up for myself. Blah, blah.

    Get a life. Get some pride and get a fecking back bone
  14. Dear Sixth Sense,

    Today, whilst driving past the BP garage in JHQ, I noted that the BP flag was upside down and that it now read d8. Words failed me!! I was so incensed I considered getting a life, but my wife convinced me otherwise.

    Why oh why, do other people annoy me.

    I am considering writing to Anne Robinson.
  15. Dear Sixth Sense

    I am incensed that you have so far failed to print a response to my earlier letter. It has always been traditional that any complaint printed in these pages should be answered by a smug, pompous RO from the Big House, in the most patronising style possible.

    I am considering applying for a job at the BFGVLO, so I can get paid for being a disagreeable, unhelpful dullard.