Sixth sense , de-ja-vu , call it what you will

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by grimbo, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. Mods , if its been done before then to the hole .......

    On the way home tonight I took my normal route and was driving almost on auto-pilot when something either in my head or at least from my thoughts told me to slow down as I took the next corner.... even stranger was that I lifted off the throttle and took the next left hand bend about 30mph slower than usual ..... If I hadn't then I would now be either in hospital or dead.... some numpty was doing an overtake on a blind bend. As it was I had time to slow, mount the verge and miss the bugger.
    Apart from the normal road rage type thoughts it set me thinking ...... what , who , or why did i slow down ?

    I must admit its not the first time such an incident has happened and I do take notice of such "feelings" for want of a better word.... and they are nearly always right , is this common ? am I one step away from the loony bin ?

    over to the collective thoughts of arrse ......
  2. As a kid I had something happen, on holiday with my family we passed a cemetary on the train I was maybe 5 or 6 I told my dad "my friends are buried in there, they had there planes shot down" it was laughed off at the time till my uncle heard of it, he was exRAF and on his next visit asked me a few questions, I was able to tell him things I shouldn't/Couldn't have known which he checked out and confirmed to be true/accurate, this went on for about two years where at christmas he would ask me things about planes airfields etc I was able to answer him

    reached the age of about 8 and suddenly was unable to answer his questions, no memories of previous things I told him
  3. The great sky pixie has you, Grimbo, marked as special. What's your lottery numbers btw?
  4. I dreamed last Friday that I had won the lottery and on checking on Tuesday found that I had won 167,500 forints [about £540]. Paid for my Road Tax, Council Tax, Water Bills for the year and 5 cube meters of logs for the fire with enough left over for 12 bottles of decent wine!!!!]
  5. bastard!!! you never offered to lend me a tenner ;-)
  6. Have never won even a fiver on the lottery .... often called "special" but I'm told nowadays thats not a compliment .
  7. nowdas it means you either have to get a differant bus or go on a register
  8. My mum often answers the phone just before it rings.
  9. being mesmarised by the flashing girly thing at the bottom of your posts probably marks me out as spesh to !
  10. I do that , thought I was special till somone pointed out that it vibrtes slightly and i must feel it in my pocket
  11. I have Dejavue on a monthly basis. When I go to the bank for my balance, I often come out, and think to myself "fucking knew it"
  12. I once had a terrible sense of doom and foreboding about an exercise in Sennybridge. The feeling persisted during the road move to AMC South Cerney, the DZ rally drills and the Bde move to Lyneham. During DFC for the night drop I was nearly sick with this feeling, it just wouldn't disappear. Strangely enough the drop, both pax and vehicles went smoothly, no injuries or any problems. My fears were soon allayed though when moving past Dixie's Corner. There, I saw a ramshackle gathering of holed tentage, obese old blokes and the sounds of music, revelry and wheeziness. The STABs were on their annual camp.
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    my nana and grandad went on holiday in early 1999 to scotland - at this point in their lives I rarely phoned them as with three hearing aids between them, any attempted conversation was doomed to failure amongst a backdrop of feedback and whistling from the ruddy things - it was far easier to see them at or with my folks two or three times a month, as at least face to face conversations had some chance of being understood.

    but something niggled me to phone them before they left that week - nothing I can put my finger on, just a 'you should phone them' thing. the rest of the week was spent in an increasing (yet strangely detached) mild panic is the best way I can describe it - I can remember being sat in the pub towards the end of the week, and saying to a friend I had this terrible feeling something was about to happen.
    we got a phone call saturday morning to say she'd been taken ill, and she died in the early evening that day.

    now, fair enough, my nana and grandad were knocking on a bit at the time, but only early seventies, and he carried on being a right pain in the arse for another seven or eith years after my nana passed. and I've never had that feeling before or since. not a premonition in any way in any kind of detail, just...a bad feeling. very strange.
  14. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Surely you'd have been better telling her to seek medical attention rather than allowing her to go to her death.

    You orchestrated the whole thing and could have prevented her death.

    Jesus has no place for Granny Murderers.
  15. I ve been out of the UK now for 21 years, have me Siblings and Ma and Pa over there still. In those 21 years, on a number of occasions either they have phoned me to say "whats the matter", or I have done so, and 99% of the time, there was a problem, however great or small. Its weird to say at least. Without getting too Paranormal, there must be some unexplained sense of communication between us. I am always amazed by the day-to-day Dejavue that happens, without the premonitioned apocalyptic outcome, it could be you just getting into your car at the supermarket, or you putting things away in the kitchen, and you saying to yourself "I know whats going to happen next", and it normally doe snt, but how did you get the prompt for it? Many speak of Reincarnation as to reasoning this, but we didnt have that car or that supermarket 200 years ago? Weird