Sixth Sense Competition

If anyone spots the article about me and the competition in today's Sixth Sense and wants to make fun out of me... feel free... fair doos.

But in the interests of PERSEC and damage limitation please remove my name and location if you post any of the (cringe) quotes . Its not a problem within the limited distribution of the paper, but I prefer it not to be spread around on this permenant, global site.

Many Many Thanks,- C

(and in anticipation - Bog off! a man with as little talent as me has to try to make a living somehow!)
LordVonHarley said:
Shame, I was hoping you could contact my Gran and ask her where she hid the looted Nazi gold.
Better still ask her what the winning numbers will be on Friday's Euro Lottery.
BaldricksBullet said:
What was your granny doing with the Nazi gold L VON H?

(not even the Germans would be stupid enough to field a spy with a strong German accent! ... Darling)
Sorry, not the scale of Kellys Heros :cry:

The old dear was in the ATS and aquired 2 gold coins (I think they where 5 mark coins) that went missing when she died (a long with a ruby ring, her fathers fob watch, my grandads watch and other stuff).

(Darling: I'm as British as the Queen!)

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