Sixth form scolarship fitness

Hi all,
I've just applied for an army scolarship, had the interviews blah blah blah and assuming I'm accepted 8O and get through to the RCB stage of things, what degree of fitness will be required? I currently run once a day, play rugby on sundays and go to the gym two or three times a week. Anyone have any clue?
Thanks :)
If you do what you say you do, you'll be fine.
You don't have to complete a BPFA as a 6th Form Scholar. All you have is a 500m sprint, and the individual obstacle course.
Good luck.
seems the 500m sprint has changed to the Bleep test according to the JI for RCB brief my mate pulled out to settle a bet.

And theres still a bleep test at RCB main board.....cant remember what lv you need to get.

I got an Army 6th form scholarship last year, so I can tell you exactly what you need to know....

Don't worry about your long distance running... its the sprinting and middle distance thats important.
I did way too much long distance and no sprinting at all, so I can tell you that the 500m sprint was a killer!! To give you and idea of the fitness of the others on my RCB I did the run in 1 min 20 secs, and came 4th. The best bloke there (in my section) got 1 min 7 secs... that is FAST, when you think that you're in a boiler suit and have to turn around after 250 m.

The other thing that you need to think about is your upper body strength... For the 2hrs of command tasks you do you're constantly lifting, climbing, pulling carrying etc, and so you get a bit tired.
I didn't realise quite how tired I was untill i finished the command tasks and had to do the individual assault course, trying to climp through up the rope was a mare, at was the wal. It wouldn't normally be a problem, but I was more tired than i thought from before.

Good luck for when you do it, throw yourself in head first, get involved in everything you can, make yourself noticed. They can't award it to you if they don't see you, DO NOT be the grey man, be out at the front, leading the way. Thants what I tryed to do, and it worked.

Anyother help you might want PM me.

P 8)

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