Sixth Form Scholarship

Ok, so next year (school year, really, but who's counting?), I'm doing the Sixth Form Scholarship. Not that I'm not confident or anything, but I remember reading on one of the countless information forms I've seen somewhere that you can be offered a place at Sandhurst without getting the Scholarship on this board, if you are considered officer material, but, for example, do not quite get the required grades for a scholarship.

Any confirmation would be great.

Yes, that's true.
You can still be awarded a place at RMAS without getting the cash.
It's rare, but it happens.
Basically, i passed the army sixth form scholarship and i have had minimal contact from the army (since the letter confirming that i had recieved it).

Does anybody know what is meant to happen now, and how i can apply for adventurous trg over the summer.

Thank you
That's normal.
Wait until towards the end of May/beginning of June for contact regarding AT.

If you've not heard anything by then, call the number on your letter. It'll put you through to Recruiting Group, who can sort you out.
But as I say, wait out.
I would advise applying for adventure training as soon as possible, i sent back the form they sent me in january as soon as i got it as apparently certain courses are in demand.


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Hmm, that's odd, my mate and I were contacted in January regarding adventurous training..

And Cpl-Hitman, I had very little contact from the Army after i had won my award, and then all of sudden the £1500 turned up in my bank account!
Yeah, same about the adventure training, I got details long ago. You should contact your ACA(O) and see what the deal is. Any of you lads (or ladettes) doing the rock climbing in Llandudno?
Right, but he doesn't state when he passed. If it was last week, he wouldn't have heard anything. If it was in January, then yes, got in touch ASAP.
I passed in march

but i got a list of the courses yesterday

hoping to do the Kayak-Canoe foundation course
10 August - 15 August,

has anyone done this course in the past, if so could you let me know how good it is.

Thank you
Are you doing the Kayak Foundation Course (KFC) or the Open Canoe Foundation (OCF) Course?
Two different things, though if you plan on getting Instructor qualifications you will need to cover both.
I have been offered an Army Scholarship on the basis of GCSE's and I recieved my AT info a week ago.


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