Sixth Form bursary


i want to get one of these next year but an not sure how to go about it- i have filled out one of the forms on the army careers website but is there a particular place that i need to contact for this?
Ask your Careers Teacher to get in touch with the Army Careers Advisor who deals with your school.
He / she will then make contact with you and arrange for an interview.


the problem is that my school doesn't have a careers advice officer.... can i contact the army careers office directly?
Just a thought:
I won a sixth form scholarship and bursary when i was at school but was gutted when i heard i couldn´t do the Gap Year Commission as well.

Look into it, it maybe better for you


Scholarship is a good thing. I had an army careers chap come around to my school and I sort of fell into it. My dad said that there'd be no problem paying back the money if I changed my mind; the folks were pretty good like that, and that was helpful. It also meant that I got a bursary without any problems, which was quite beneficial throughout university, and as I knew exactly what I wanted to do I didn't have to spend all my free time cutting about careers fairs.

I think it's changed now, but it also meant that I got a regular commission (not that I gave a sh1t about that then) and now there's no flapping about whether the army want to keep me. SO3 and SO2 bumf*ck until I'm 55!


The RCB is physically not too hard ,remeber there just looking for potential ( I'm just coming to the end of my scholarship and moving in to the bursary/uni part of it btw). However I would highly recommend getting on a course called "look at life" which the ACA (o)'s run, I went on one in Inverness before my RCB and it was a major help. They talk you through how to approach PLANEX and the various components of the Board so that you know whats going to be happening to you. It also allows you to have a chat with various officers from different arms and corps ( if you do the aforementioned one in scotland they come from all across 2div). Another tip is do something that you can talk about in your interview that is unusual, i.e. i got myself on a parachuting course and chatted all about that. Hope this helps and if you need any more advice p.m. me. Jack

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