Six Star Generals?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tommy, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. Easy one this.

    The US has had two, six-star generals in its day. It is argued that it, the rank, was only used on ceremonial occasions

    The rank denotes 'General of the Armies' - as opposed to a mere 'General of the Army' -, and has no equivalent in the British or Commonwealth forces - and causes long looks from anyone used to seeing a (Click here - Field Marshal) (or Five Star General) as the highest ranking soldier at the table.

    No small irony that the US only awards a fifth star to generals now at a time of war (i.e. in extremis) and the rank of Field Marshal has been moth-balled and only used for Cenotaph duties.

    OK - and without using Google! - can you name the two US Generals in question?
  2. I'm guessing Ike was one and the other would have been the equivalent of the CGS back in the states while Ike was in the field doing his thing.

    Do I get an elephant stamp or a rasberry?
  3. One was General Washington. Awarded Posthumously, I believe.
  4. One was Washington - though when it was awarded needs to be covered in more detail.

    Ike was a 'bog-standard' Five Star - never made Six.

  5. Actually, postumously, Washington was made a 7-star general! A post awarded to differentiate - specifically - him from every other General in the US Army - previous, current or 'to come'.

    And you thought the handing over of a Marshal's Batton was an event? ;)
  6. Who actually gives a Cr*p, lets face it in most yank units you only have to serve 3 years to get Sgt!!!!!!!! Staffy at 5!!!! Which would make most of our guys Col at 22yrs!!!!
    DD :twisted:
  7. Whoa! That's a little unfair considering a 'Buck' Sgt (first rung on the infantry NCO ladder - three chevrons) is equivalent to a L/CPL (at least in job spec). A lot of Brit infantrymen hit L/CPL after 18 months (sooner than that in the days of the old Infantry Junior Leaders Bn).
    It's not unknown for Brit infantrymen to reach Company Sergeant Major by their late twenties, try reaching 1st SGT in the US infantry in that time.
    I have known several Brit infantrymen attain the rank of RSM at age thirty, almost impossible to hit Command Sergeant Major in the US infantry by that age.
  8. Splendid - always nice to read the work a fellow devotee..... ;)

    So, any further guesses on who the other name is?
  9. Pershing :?:
  10. Well-in Beefer!

    Here's the link: US Generals
  11. So what rank does the Queen hold then?
  12. SKJOLD asked

    :roll: Queen.

    HM doesn't wear uniform as Lord High Admiral. Past Kings always wore the uniform of Admiral of the Fleet (5*) as LHA. HRH DoE ( God bless him) is an Admiral of the Fleet. Charles may still dress as Admiral of the Fleet when he becomes Lord High Admiral even though the rank is in abeyance.

    At the rate the Navy ( and the rest of the armed forces are being run down ) it may be difficult to justify having an Officer Corps at all. Future Navy will have a Boston Whaler, crew of nine commanded by a Leading Hand, a four man RM detachment under a L/Cpl a few shore staff under another Leading Hand and a RM Corporal ( who are also the restyled First Sea Leading Hand and Commandant Corporal) doing admin and supply. King William V will be Lord High Petty Officer.
  13. I asked for that Seadog :) fair point but, although the Queen is the Queen she still has a rank, weather she is in uniform or not.

    I think it was something like Captain General of the Armed forces(or is that Bliar), i was told in basic but cant remember now. When she was in Uniform, on trooping the colour I dont remember it to be Field Marshall on her shoulders.

    ******, have the yanks got big enough shoulders to carry all that?
  14. HM is the Captain General of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, after her father readopted the old title (at a dinner at the mess in Woolwich) between the wars, I believe. He had a habit of that kind of thing; that's why King's Tp RHA are King's Tp and no longer the Riding Tp for example.
  15. Thinking about 6 star generals being the next rung up from fieldmarshal i suppose then that fat boy Hermann's rank of Reichsmarschall would be the same level.