Six Section Battle Drills

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MuddyMettle, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    Could someone tell me where I would find the six section battle drills?
    In what PAM, TAM etc
    Thank you
  2. Infantry Platoon Tactics (Pam2) I think, could be pam 3!
  3. It's Pam 3, Pam 2 is the Infantry Compny Group.

  4. A very long time ago there used to be 7 section battle drills......................
  5. Number 7........Pick up the brass!! :D
  6. Lets see:

    #1 Reaction to effective enemy fire
    #2. Locating the enemy
    #3 Winning the fire fight

    I am an old sod who is 30 years out of date.
  7. What about Prep for battle #1?
  8. Well as I say - it might have changed - or I might have forgotten it. :)

    #4 The flanking assault
    #5. The fight through.
    #6 The reorg.
    #7 Continue the advance.

    Not bad for an old bugger. :)
  9. I've always been taught the mnemonic PREWAR

    Prep for battle

    Reaction to effective enemy fire

    locate the Enemy

    Winning the firefight

    Attack ( broken down into Approach, Assault, Fight through )


    Standing by to be shot down in flames!!
  10. 1. Battle preparation. Includes:
    Personal Cam.
    Person protection.
    Specialist equipment.
    2. Action upon effective enemy fire.
    3. Locating the enemy.
    4. Winning the fire fight.
    5. The Assault.
    6. Re org.

    Not bad for a TROG eh! A long time since that was in my mind the for the real reason. I guess you wanted to know the pam, but i dont sorry.
    I was just chuffed i remembered please feel free to amend wrong bits.
  11. Sounds good - and upto date.
  12. It changed a while ago to: PRESAR

    Prep for battle

    Reaction to effective enemy fire

    locate the Enemy

    Suppressing the enemy (Not winning the firefight!)

    Assault and fight through

  13. Well you can teach an old dog new tricks!

    A quick lesson:

    1. Battle Prep
    2. Reaction to EEF
    3. Locating the En
    4. Supresing the En (winning the fire fight)
    5. The Attack
    6. Reog

    Live it, love it!!!

  14. i guess i was the only one who broke down the battle prep then.

    Cheers for the update fellas long time since I taught that.
  15. 1. Prep for Battle (PAWPERSO)
    2. Reaction to EEF
    3.Locate the Enemy
    4.Suppress the Enemy
    5.The Assault
    6. Re-Group (PACES DO) Changed from Re-Org