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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fruitbat119, May 17, 2007.

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  1. ok i know im probably going to get a bit of stick fot this, but here i go.
    I've been training over the past 4 months to get the all hallowed summer abs, alot of cardio, sit ups, swimming as well as pt sessions on top.
    but it seems no matter how hard i push myself i just cant get the line in the middle, I got the side bits and slight definition comming through but can't get the other bit ... any suggestions??
  2. Nutrition is the key, i struggled to get my fitness up for months and then a wise old man told me what i eat is at least 50% of the battle.

    After a few weeks i could notice the difference in definition and fitness, it realy does work.

    Cut back on fatty food, cider, and eat loads of fruit, rice, pasta, and even steak for the protein. Common sence, but is often overlooked.
  3. Suggestions? Yeah. Lose more weight. What you're looking for is definition and you won't really get that until you've reduced the thickness of the layer of fat over the muscles. Easy, innit?

  4. lower bf% eat better foods like mshortm said and you wont see any improvements if you have been doing them same sit ups for 4 months, because the muscles adapt to the work you give them. try diff core exercises, plank, med ball sit ups, leg raises, you could do hanging leg raises but they put a awful lot of stress on your lower back, v-sits, crunches, side planks
  5. Watch out for your carb intake too, if you stick to no carbs, just protein of an evening rule it makes a big difference I have found.
  6. As with most things, and particularly abs, a holistic approach is the best way:

    1. Get your nutrition right. cut out all the crap - at least for most of the week - If you want to go for a blow out at the weekend thats fine but get straight back on the wagon Mon - Fri. Five good clean nutritious meals a day.

    2. Two or Three good heavy weights sessions a week. and hit the abs hard at the end of the workout.

    3. Aerobic work. some fast some slow - mix it up.

    Thats the basics. Now here are the additional tweaks that will make all the difference.

    1. Drink water and only water throughout the week. At least 10 cups a day.

    2. Cut down on the sodium and any food that is saturated with the stuff - There are lots of them!

    3. Identify any foods that bloat you out - If I even look at a muffin I turn into michelin man within the hour.

    4. Learn to fully control all your ab muscles, the internal ones as well.

    5. Measure progress once a week and adjust all of the above if required.

    6. Have realistic expectations. Do not expect to look like a Mens Health cover model! 99% of us just do not have the genetics for it.
  7. Run

    Thats half of a weekly routine... do cardio every day.

    Bare in mind there is 24 x 7 hours in a week... you may, if you're very dedicated, spend 2 hours a day on phys... this means there are 22 x 7 hours a day not doing phys... spend this time eating cake and you're abs will remain hidden.
  8. As long as you aint under any sort of pressure from others to get your stomach in trim, you might find; like me. Your six pack!? is not enough alone to deal with it.
    Stay hard and don't let the fuc*ers get you down man.
    And eqat what you will, With that regime its just time now pal!
  9. The comments are right.

    The right foods as well as exercise helps definition. V sits i find are a good change from sit ups.
  10. Evening gents,

    I think this topic is most relevant to my query to I might as well post here instead of starting a new one.

    I do ab exersises regularly through the week, mostly the classical sit-up. And I've seen results in the general abdominal area. However I still have a little bit of fat betwen the belly button and the crotch area. Not much but enough to be able to pinch. Any suggestions on how to get rid?

  11. i have the same problem, put it down to post pregnancy fat though, any tips id appreciate too. :)
  12. I don't have that pleasure Stephanie.

    I happen to be a guy. HA!

    Any advice from the knowledge that is ARRSE.

  13. rowing is an excellent exercise for a 6 pack, provided you get the technique right (90% of people down the gym dont do it right)
  14. do the core exercises that target the lower abs like knee raises and hangin knee raises.
  15. Leg raises and seated leg pushes are good for the lower abs and getting a defined V shape around the lower abs.