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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by codbutt, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. yes, yes, yes, I know there's five months to go, but who cares?

    Who's faves for winning the Six Nations? Is another Welsh slam inevitable? Will the French coach finally get out of his coma? Can England pick a proper team this year? Will the Paddies sort their act out?
    And oh yes, the other two...
  2. Of course I'm all for another Welsh victory! Although I think it's a bit harsh to disregard the Italians all together! They're improving every year!
  3. I like the Eyeties too, I think their attitude is commendable and they do some goodstuff on occasion.
    Back to back slams? Be impressive if they could, but whilst they grew in stature as the competition went on they got it because England screwed up in the first match and the Foogs and Paddies didn't exactly show their best.
    Just need either England or France to have a good day and that's it.
    Good team though, played some good rugby especially at the end.

    Shame the 6 nations is their limit. :D
  4. Agreed! We let ourselves down in the WorldCup by playing some of the worst rugby Wales has played for a while. Oh well, can't win everything I suppose?? :(
  5. The World Cup was a disaster, hence the whole set-up was changed and Warren Gatland was installed as Coach. The 6 Nations was won through hard effort and a solid defence.

    I don't believe England screwed-up in the first match, they just forgot that a match lasts 80 mins and blew up spectacularly. We were fitter and more hungry for the win. The 6 Nations was a fantastic achievement and hopefully will be the start of good things to come.

    The Autumn Internationals will be a good guage of how far we have come but lets not forget, matches won at home doesn't necessarily bring results when playing in other teams back yards.
  6. The Eyeties will pull off some impressive upsets I reckon-they're getting bloody good and I'm going to try and get tickets for the game in Rome against Ireland.

    The French will be consistently inconsistent but will produce some random 15 year old centre who is head and shoulders above every other player on the pitch.

    The Jocks will be consistently shite.

    The Welsh will have moments of sheer brillance and may do a Grand Slam again as long as the French remain inconsistent.

    The English, well, I don't care as long as Ireland beat England :D

    Oh, and Ireland to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against France. And Wales. And Italy...
  7. With the Lions year this should be a decent 6 nations but I think all squads will be affected by injury come the first fixtures. With Ireland, Wales and the Eyeties in Edinburgh I think we Jocks might have a bit more say this year.

    Who do you think will be best suited to the Experimental Laws (they are using them in the 6 nations I think??) and how much will that change the games?
  8. I would say England, but I'm looking forward to the autumn internationals first. Should get a proper feel on how they will play with Johnno in charge.
  9. With the players adopting the ELVs at club level they should all be well versed in them come the start of the 6Ns.As previously stated with Lions places up for grabs should be a very exciting comp this year, but the usual inbuggarence to the regular season.
  10. My thoughts exactly, if Johnno can get to grips with it in the autumn internationals then we can start practising the chariots. Looking forward to it. And here's hoping.
  11. Now if these chaps were available, we might be in for a treat.

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  12. Smacking the opposition with their zimmer frames might just work.
  13. Yeah, Stick it to them Mr D. The fcuking English are fcuking heathens, aren't they. They only scraped 2nd place last year 'cos Wales beat France by enough points.

    Its worth remembering that Wales conceded a record low number of tries last year, while scoring a hatful.

    In 2008/2009 it will be Wales again.

    Martin Johnson to produce the sort of unimaginative forward grind that gives English wingers hypothermia. Tw*ts.