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The England team gets rolled out on Wednesday. But will the changes make any difference?

Any predictions for the result? I think the Welsh will do it again.
The full list of fixtures below:

All are in UK time – add one hour for France and Italy
Saturday 7th February:
England v Italy (3.00pm)
Ireland v France (5.00pm)

Sunday 8th February:
Scotland v Wales (3.00pm)

Saturday 14th February:
France v Scotland (3.00pm)
Wales v England (5.30pm)

Sunday 15th February:
Italy v Ireland (2.30pm)

Friday 27th February:
France v Wales (8.00pm)

Saturday 28th February:
Scotland v Italy (3.00pm)
Ireland v England (5.30pm)

Saturday 14th March:
Italy v Wales (3.00pm)
Scotland v Ireland (5.00pm)

Sunday 15th March:
England v France (3.00pm)

Saturday 21st March:
Italy v France (1.15pm)
England v Scotland (3.30pm)
Wales v Ireland (5.30pm)

I think it will be close this year with no one winning the Grandslam.
Looking at the fixtures, I can't see many away wins exept those playing in Rome.
If I had to bet on someone this year it would be France (cough ...choke... splutter)
I can't see Wales living with the expectation as favourites, as much as I'd like to think they could.
England. No hope, Italy the same.

As for the other 3 who knows? Though I think the talk of Scotland winning it is a bit premature based on one decent Autumn international performance.
super saturday is on my daughters birthday this year

surrounded by screaming 3year olds
instead of down the stadium surrounded by screaming welshmen

actually it doesn't sound too bad comparing it that way
no queues for the bar and paying stupid money for pisspoor beer
quick game of sevens in the back garden before kick off
fairy cakes & jelly n' icecream
lovely :D
seeing Wales vs England is on valentines day all I can say is thank feck I'm single!
yazzledazzle said:
Can anyone get any tickets for the England Ireland game, I am after a couple

I used this guy for the Wales New Zeland and the Wales Austrialla match, very good service not to badly priced
I'll most likely get slated and maybe even eat my own words in several weeks but I think England could be the surprise package this year. Don't be surprised to see more English 'lions' than expected and I think MJ will do a good job, he will have learnt some harsh lessons after the autumn internationals and the building for the next RWC starts here.

Say what you like but that's one thing England do well, average averge average average, tournament year - fantastic.

I'm interested in how noone has mentioned Ireland yet...
People seem to forget that England came 2nd in last years Six Nations, and the only game they actually lost was to the Welsh, the Grand Slam champions.

Depending on injuries, its between Wales and France. Although I'm going to put a £10er on Scotland. The front row they have is immense, with Euan Murray probably the best Tight-Head in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. He's only around 26. The oldest bloke in the Scottish pack is Nathan Hines, and he's just 32. When you have blokes like Ally Hogg in their early 20's and pushing 50 caps, you get that magic blend of experience and youth.

Meanwhile, the degradation of Irish Rugby continues. You only had to watch Munster vs Ospreys last week to see how naked the Ireland team is without O'Gara pulling the strings at Fly-Half.

Just my tuppence worth!
Ironically, I know more about the English team than I do about Ireland, yet I'm Irish and live in Ireland for the time being. I know that MJ is not a 'mug' and he as much as anyone knows that 'England expects'...

I don't know a lot about Scotland, perhaps they will do the business but they have France in Paris for their opener so their 6 nations could be over before things really get started.

France are a consistent side, they rarely disappoint and are bound to be there or thereabouts!

I spent 6 years in Wales for university, I won't delve into the intimates but it was hard not to become biased one way or another and when I was spat on for wearing an England shirt in my first year, I quickly chose my side. When Wales are winning, everything seems to go great for them, however when things are going poorly it's quite the opposite. I do wonder what kind of year they will have, I do believe they're better off withoug Gavin Henson though!

Italy have in recent years become somewhat of a force to be reckoned with but this year I can only see one position for them, dead last!

Ireland are a very over-rated team in my book, however they have England & France at home and 80,000 screaming Paddies can get the guys going, it will be interesting but I certainly agree with the above post, I can't foresee any country winning the grand slam!
France and England are still not sure of their best XV. The Irish are seeming to be losing form, Wales have some injuries and the Italians are always improving.

I think that this will be a close tournement. The home advantages favour England I think, although I can't see them wining in Cardiff. I'll have a go.... However my money will be on the boys in blue to pull off the first slam in 19 years. It keeps the bookie happy each January when I put it on!!!

The_Seagull said:
I can't see Wales living with the expectation as favourites, as much as I'd like to think they could.
England. No hope, Italy the same.

As for the other 3 who knows? Though I think the talk of Scotland winning it is a bit premature based on one decent Autumn international performance.
Two decent Autumn international performances and the second test in Argentina last summer actually but I agree, it is too early to talk of winning but a reasonable campaign would be nice. After all last year we only beat England and lets face it, anyone seems able to do that!
Wales were the top performers amongst the home nations in the Autumn internationals, and I expect them to be the strongest team in the 6 Nations this year. They have a tricky opening game against the Scots at Murrayfield, but if they get through that well, they should be looking at the championship again. Slam would be difficult, as France away will also be a hard game. But not out of the question.

The only reason England got as high as 2nd place last season (and a full 4 points behind Wales) was because of the Welsh result against France in the last match. So yes they were 2nd, but appearances can be deceptive.

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