Six Nations 2018


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Well done Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Hard fought games by the tone of the above posts. Commiserations to the losing sides.

I missed the rugby as I was busy having a quiet walk in the countryside. For sixteen miles. Through blizzards. Not cross-country, as I'm not that stupid/keen. BTW, if you're ever passing through Dunlop, in North Ayshire, there's a really nice pub there.

Merito Dunlop - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

Lots of quality gins, whiskies and malts, decent beer selection as well.
So you were drunk and missed the matche?
So you were drunk and missed the matche?
Nope. Stone cold sober. After having just battered through about twelve miles of rather hard walking, I knew that if I had so much as a shandy, the second I walked out of the pub I'd be sparko. It's happened before and was very entertaining to watch, or so I have been told. Besides Stewarton was about two and a bit miles away and that was where I'd planned on getting a train back across several county boundaries. I've walked through about four of those today.

Coffee was nice.
Congratulations IRELAND !!
Done with style and panache - a Country that has produced many giants of the Game , and judging by this Teams performances , maybe a few more ?

Despite the pundits 'Expert' opinions on who would win the 6N - both Ireland and Wales were trashed by Eddie Jones , who managed to be a churlish loser , much to my surprise even unto the 'Experts' who prematurely awarded Wales - 'The Wooden Spoon'....and instead managed second place !!

Admittedly, the Welsh Team did not quite manage to reproduce the quality they are capable of - in fact ALL the UK Teams seemed a little tired and jaded , with the exception of Ireland - deserved Winners.

Biggest improvers have to be Scotland - perhaps Hayward (?) of the Telegraph (?) will now regret and apologise for his inexcusable 'slating' of Scotland a while back.....

Not the best 6N we've seen , IMHO........
Saffers in Safferland next for England.
Though having seen the shower of shyte in the Super Rugby so far, I cannot see that being a true test of anything.
Whether Jones is still in charge by then is another matter.
Condolences. I was back in Wales for my father's funeral 4 weeks ago yesterday. He'd had a great innings, incl 7 yrs teaching with RN in Malta, 20yrs in the RAEC and 6 yrs at the Fire Service College.
Condolences to yourself. Sounds like your dad lived a full and varied life. My dad never left the village he was born in and spent 40 years down the pit. I don’t think he’d have wanted it any different.
What's that got to do with the fact that we fairly beat the shite England team, won the Six Nations and garnered the Grand Slam?

Nothing quite unites Irishmen like this.
I was even drinking with a shinner in Richmond last night.
Mind, he didn't know my oath of loyalty was to HM QEII, and that I'd be as happy pouring the Guinness over him as down my throat


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Just looked up the fixtures for 6N 2019 and England's first game is against Ireland! Should be interesting with a bit of niggle mayhaps?
Just been listening to Woodward on Radio 5 now - he talks and talks and says nothing of any insight
Caught a bit of the conversation with Steve Hansen. He sounded sensible. Woodward still wants the job I think. He’s a carping sniper. He’s out of touch too.
Just looked up the fixtures for 6N 2019 and England's first game is against Ireland! Should be interesting with a bit of niggle mayhaps?
It will be a good test and an indicator of where both teams are in RWC year.
There is an awful lot of rugby to be played until then.

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