Six Nations 2012.........

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by smudge67er, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. With England players resigning from the International squad, Irelands players having an average age of 53, Italy still improving, Scotland...well...being has to be Wales turn for the Grandslam.
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  2. Nope, France for me this time around.

    If England aren't looking good to win anything then it has to be anybody but the Welsh, Scots , Irish for me. :)

    I may be cheering for the Frogs for some years to come then ! :)
  3. I would agree with France as a good choice, but Wales still have it. If you look at the group games Wales had to win, and their performance throughout the WC, then they can certainly do it.

    I could grumble about France not deserving to be in the final.......but I won't.

    I think that there could be some real upsets during this 6 nations this time round.
  4. It certainly looks to be anyone's for the taking. Maybe some new, young players looking to make a name for themselves will be the decisive actors rather than those pampered twots who look only to their marketability and safeguarding old earned reputaions.

    As we have seen, people seem to play better with nothing to lose ........

    Better to be wide open than a done deal already as that oonly makes for a boring tournament.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As everyone knows, I am completely neutral and will support any team playing our sourthern neighbours :) but IMO the next 6N will be exciting in that some of the teams will have something to prove, some managers are probably sitting on a 6N warning - win or you're offski and, probably the most important reason - it is the 6 Nations tournament.

    Many thanks to Markintime for pointing out on another thread that it is a competition that Scotland stays in!! :(

    No doubt we will have the English supporters coming along crying again that "Nobody loves us!" :)
  6. I agree, and it will be. England need to improve, Italy have dramatically improved, even the Jocks have played some good rugby.

    Ireland.....depends on how many players resign between now and the start.
  7. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I think this year it should be the Seven Nations - that way England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales can take it in turns repeatedly smashing the boxheads.

    Don't count on the others though - Italy will probably throw the match, and France will just roll over.
  8. And if Shaun Edwards signs for England....... Maybe Nick Mallett too .......

    They won't be like one of the anonymous twats (coaches) we've endured for the last God knows how many years. He'll rip the players to shreds which is exactly what they need !

    But the clearout from the top down (Steele, Andrews, Johnson etc) can't start soon enough for me.
  9. Hopefully he'll stay with Wales. He's done a wonderful job. We'll see what happens with his negotiations.
  10. He's FAR too good for the likes of you !! ;-) And our need is obviously greater than yours :) AND surely you don't want to be crediting an Englishman (even if he is from the north) with any of your success ?!
  11. Granted, your need is greater than ours.....but I'd still like him to stay with Wales (even if he is a northern monkey)
  12. Nah Old Yin. We survive by knowing we are genetically superior and put it down to jelousy.
    Re the 6 Nations - Yup. I suspect that a couple of - well two - coaches might be replaced. Martin Johnson because his win ratio is piss poor and the England team looked like they didn't give a rats arse in New Zealand, Andy Robinson because some people believe that with enough Pledge and hard rubbing you can actually polish a turd. Not his fault of course, I just don't believe Scotland will ever raise their game beyond the once a decade Calcutta Cup upset because they don't have enough competitive club teams, until they fix that they will underperform. Mallett is safe because Italy beat the French in last years, 6 Nations, Wales will obviously keep Gatland because he over performed with Wales in the RWC, the Irish know that they have an old team and need to steady the ship and the French made the RWC final.

    My guess - Wales for the 6 Nations because they've the best home fixtures. Ireland have got France and England Away. France have only one tough home game against England and they rarely beat England more than once, they have two tough away fixtures so I don't fancy them. But to be honest I'm guessing. England mid table mediocrity.
  13. To be honest, England don't stand much of a chance in 2012, they will be lucky to get 3rd I feel. There needs to be a rebuilding of the team, blooding some of the younger players that will be at their peak in 4 years would be my strategy and write this one off and concentrate on a GS for 2014\15.
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  14. Unfortunately, from the England point of view and if they decide to retain Martin Johnson then the 6 Nations is a must win tournament. A new coach would be extended the luxury of an 'experimental' 'team building' competition but MJ if he's in charge will be expected to make up for past failure.

    I said all along that France would take the game to NZ and that is what they did. They have a habit of adapting their game to reflect their opponents and know how to close down the opposition.

    Wales have played some brilliant rugby in the RWC but aren't quite as good as their fans seem to think. They can get a lot better and if their coaching team stay in place I can see them doing a lot of damage in the 6N, not quite enough for a Grand Slam though.

    I have a feeling that this will be Italy's best ever 6N and that they will record two wins under M. Brunel, Scotland and Ireland.

    Ireland and Scotland are both going to be team building and apart from raising their games against England I can't see them being much of a force for this 6N.

    If there is a Grand Slam winner I think it'll be a repeat of 1977 where Wales take the Triple Crown but France the Grand Slam. I don't anticipate easy victories for any side against another and, fortunately enough, off-park discipline is not likely to be an issue as players will be, very much, under the watchful eye of their parent clubs.
  15. I disagree with that. Wales have an excellent team, with hunger, and the fitness/ability to win the 6N. There are a couple of minor things that need to be ironed out by way of finishing/taking chances when presented but they can certainly do it.