Six Nations 2009

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by codbutt, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Is a concurrent Welsh slam inevitable?
    I find it pretty hard to see anyone getting in their way, at least until Mark Lievremont works out how to pick teams properly.

    If Wales do get it, I think it will be their first back to back Slam since 1909...
  2. I for one would love to see Wales get another slam. It's far from a given though.

    The French always produce a strong team....and England always seem to step up to the plate (to much annoyance sometimes....but fair play to them) when it counts.

    The game against Australia this weekend has to be one of the most nerve racking/exciting games this year!
  3. While I really do want England to step up to the plate (and stop fukin about)! Wales did really well I think and can certainly hold their heads up. Here is hoping only England beat them!!
  4. I only saw about half of the game in between doing other things but it seemed to be a crackin' event.
  5. Certainly what I have seen of them they looked the best of the home nations and on that basis winning the championship is a real possibility, though I suspect England and Ireland will be working hard to regain some form.

    The chances of a Grand Slam for Wales will depend a bit on where they play France
  6. Wales are playing in France for that match:

    Feb 2009
    07/02/2009 15:00 England v Italy
    07/02/2009 17:00 Ireland v France
    08/02/2009 15:00 Scotland v Wales
    14/02/2009 16:00 France v Scotland
    14/02/2009 17:30 Wales v England
    15/02/2009 15:30 Italy v Ireland
    27/02/2009 21:00 France v Wales
    28/02/2009 15:00 Scotland v Italy
    28/02/2009 17:30 Ireland v England

    March 2009
    14/03/2009 16:00 Italy v Wales
    14/03/2009 17:00 Scotland v Ireland
    15/03/2009 15:00 England v France
    21/03/2009 14:15 Italy v France
    21/03/2009 15:30 England v Scotland
    21/03/2009 17:30 Wales v Ireland