Six months nick for speeding....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by .Sven, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. ...but he didn't join the labour party did he?

    <tinfoil hat on>
    When sentencing is deferred pending reports "they" do check up on affiliations and voting record.
  2. Considering the implications of what could have happened, i.e M/C smashing into oncoming vehicles/14 year old boy becoming human stain on road, I don't think it's a bad result. He certainly won't be doing that again.

    For 6 months at least. :wink:
  3. It was also in the rain. And I believe he was additionally banned for 18 months.

    Pure lunacy, if you ask me, particularly with his currant-bun on the pillion.

  4. Double the speed limit?

    And in the rain..... on a bike.

    with a kid on the back, with no protective gear bar a helmet.

    Guy should be banned for life for being an imbecile.

    What if his kid had just fallen off?

    Or had he hit another vehicle or pedestrian?
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    True, true - he might have crashed into a stationery vehicle and killed a bunch of people huh!

    Would have, should have, shouldn't have, didn't, wasn't, did - it's all semantics when it comes to Labour politicians ACTUALLY killing people with his car, and a bloke on a motorbike who broke the speed limit with his kid on the back.

    How about the sentences get reversed - the cnut that DID kill people through reckless driving gets 6 months nd the bloke who DIDN'T kill someone through his reckless driving gets 12 weeks.
  6. I was driving across the M62 this afternoon and a Audi was driving along with faulty reverse lights, i.e. they were on (bright as feck) whilst tanking along the outside lane and Plod, that was cruising along the inside lane, just ignored the cnut.
  7. But it didn't wolverine.

    I saw this on the news today and was furious that a 47 year old citizen with NO PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS was sentenced to 6 months in jail for speeding. How many times have people stolen vehicles, had no licence or insurance, been caught umpteen times and get a suspended sentence or less?

    Wolverine, your post is based on what did not happen. Lord Ahmed DID text which DID lead to the death of someone and he got 12 weeks.

    I agree this speeding bike rider should be punished but why for twice as long as Lord Ahmed who killed a person?
  8. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Hmmmm, I am a motorcyclist. I have a son of 7 who comes on the back of my bike. I wouldn't personally do that kind of speed with him on the back, but he is 7 years younger and probably 7 stone lighter. I have, however, taken him to France and back on the back of my kwak and he loved every minute of it, even the motorway riding that was quite quick. I'm not sure that the sentence fits the crime. Maybe a ban, maybe even a ban for taking pillions if the judge was that way inclined, but a car driver would not have been prisoned for that speed without also being a dangerous driver, so I think a motorcyclist should not either.
  9. I've been a lot faster on the back of my Father's blackbird. I was 13 at the time. We were both wearing protecitve gear though.
  10. A condom won't help you much at that speed.
  11. Are you serious? This fella was doing 122 mph! And you've gone faster than that? Your Da sounds as even more loony than he is.

  12. Such is the law of this country today.
    He was jailed for speeding, Lord Ahmed kills a man and get half of what this bloke has, theres justice for you huh?
    The law villifies the speed but makes no issue of the lack of protective clothing for the kid on the back, I'd have no problem taking a pillion upto speeds like that but I wouldn't dream of taking the pillion without decent gear, not even any gloves in this case.
    IF the guy was to have had an accident the speed wouldn't necessarily ave killed the kid but the lack of leathers probably would have.
  13. That's outrageous, I've have reported you for that.
  14. 6 months for a nasty evil non lefty motorcyclist.

    but a laughable treatment order or community sentence for the druggy repeat offender burglar or mugger.