Six Month sentence for Shayler

You got off light corpulent one.....  :mad:

Never mind, I'm sure you'll only serve 3, and any newspaper advances for your story will probably make it a bit more bearable.

let's hope no operational officers were put in mortal danger by your "justified" whistle blowing
So, does this mean now that the Official Secrets Act doesn't apply to civil servants???  Just curious!

Chobam Armour anyone???
Yesh of corsh cashie.... lol


War Hero
What a tube.  Secrets are secret for a reason and i suspect the limp wristed Europeans will back him up when he appeals to the European Court of Human Rights.  I wander what would happen to a squaddie if he sold secrets to the press to 'highlight the intelligence community's incompetence and expose clandestine infringements of civil liberties'.  Not for any financial gain though, his motivation is strictly honorable!!?? :mad: