Six Month Electronic Tiffy Course??????

Hi Guys,
Can anyone in the know tell me if this rumour is true?? Just got off the phone with a mate who's on his cse now. I'm about to start mine in a few months and he's told me after his course there is going to be a shake up in the cse structure. Apparently Land have been complaining that people are away from units for to long and want courses cut. He's just told me that future tiffy's will leave with NVQ level 5 instead of a degree and the course will be six months. If this is true when will it start?
Hope you can help.

The Druid.
Don't get too excited - that's a while off yet. The LAND complaint was based on poor stats - SEME had recorded all Ph2 trainees as "being detached", and therefore messed up the REME stats, making us look the worst in the army for separated service. It will take a while for the error to work it's way out of the way the army records these stats.

As for course lengths, these are being looked at presently. There is some fairly high priced help on the case, but also some fairly entrenched "old views" - no guesses as to where they are.... All REME courses are being looked at. Obviously, everyone has suggestions as to where training can be sped up or gash removed, but putting it in context - we can't endanger the core ability of the tradesman to repair by repair, and not just repair by replacement.

As for the particulars of the tiffy course, I don't know what is going on there, but yes, the course lengths will be reviewed. How long the new course will be really depends on the outcome of the study.

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