Six-month ban on Army recruitment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. From the Telegraph.....

    Six-month ban on Army recruitment to save money

    The Army has been banned from recruiting any more front-line soldiers for six months to save money, defence sources said last night.

    The decision comes at a time when the Army is at its most over-stretched since the Second World War and is struggling to keep experienced soldiers.

    Some infantry units already face the axe because they are short of up to a quarter of their standard manning levels and commanding officers are furious.

    "It is absolutely outrageous," said one source. "But we are having to cut back because there is no money left in the kitty because of our commitment to Iraq."

    The Ministry of Defence claimed last night that, although the Army was undermanned by several thousand, retention was above average so the ban would have little effect.

    While Tony Blair has been keen to use the Armed Forces to project his and Britain's image abroad, Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, has been reluctant to fund expensive deployments.

    Despite insisting last year that he would fund the cost of the war in Iraq in full, defence sources say he is refusing to refund more than £500 million of the money, claiming that the Armed Forces would have spent it anyway.

    That has added to the financial strain on the MoD, which is already facing a budget deficit of at least £1 billion and has set up 16 teams, known as work strands, to find ways of saving money.

    One such strand is concerned with manpower and a revamp of the Army and the recruitment ban has been instigated as a result of one of the options it put forward. It also proposed cutting up to five infantry battalions, including the two home service battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment.

    Sir Kevin Tebbit, the permanent under-secretary at the MoD, told MPs last month that "the manpower element of the budget is pretty fixed - broadly speaking we are not intending to slash away the Armed Forces in huge measure".

    Senior officers then believed that they had beaten off the threat of major cuts, but a six-month ban on recruiting will leave every British Army infantry battalion undermanned.

    The rising number of soldiers leaving the Army either because they never see their families or are suffering disquiet at the way they are treated means each battalion needs at least 80 new recruits a year to maintain staffing levels.

    Comments please.
  2. Why not re-role 50% of the budget managers in the MoD to the infantry roll? The army would gain a couple of fully manned infantry Battalions and save a fortune by cutting their wages to that of a soldier's.

    The budget managers would for their part gain valuable military experience, learning how difficult it is to maintain the required skills under situations of ever decreasing budgets, lack of stores, ammunition and realistic 'in the field training'. They would also be my first choice for a Telic tour, giving the rest of the army a break and them a chance to loose a few stone.
  3. Once again New Labour shows its true colours.

    Morale in the services is hitting new lows and I thought I had seen it reach rock bottom :roll:

    It now seems there are too many managers in the MOD, as said previously get rid of these t0ssers.

    But hey, old TBliar(Praise be yak,yak etc.etc.) wants to be seen as a world power but doesn't want to pay for it. So we pay the price in short-falls, and the chance of watching some historic regiments disappear.

    W'ankers all of them :evil:
  4. I didn't want to get all political about it, but as you've mentioned it..... I never thought I'd think this, but even the 'Green Party' would have been more honest to their soldiers and probably made less back-door cuts in defence than the shower in charge at the moment.

    Did I say 'charge'? "STAND STILL!!!"
  5. Good post PP
  6. Of course retentiom is above average. Try to PVR when you are in Iraq/Afghan/Insert theatre.

    No doubt the bean counters will think that because the TA have been used of late, they can be used in the future to plug any gaps.

  7. But doesn't a six month recruit free period have knock-on effects?

    The ATR's sat around doing nothing (or less anyway). A waste of resorces.
    A six month gap in new blood and the resulting effect on promotion and experience. It's not just six months, after they start recruiting they have to get through training before they turn up at the main gate.
    Keen potential recriuts being told to 'feck off' and wait round for six months giving them a chance to get a job, get used to sitting around doing nothing and loose interest.

    I bet it all looks so easy on paper in London. Do these cnuts ever get off their arrses and take a look outside? What is just a stroke of the red pen for them is in the worse possible case 'life or death' on the ground.

    (Dramatic? Well if there was more mony for comms, ammo and more manpower, there may be six RMP come back from Iraq. If there was more money for CBA plates there's a tankie that would have made it back. Budgeteers....... I fecking hate them!)
  8. Unfortunately, the TA is pretty much a one-shot 'weapon'. It's what - 30,000 strong now? But I would guess that 25% isn't deployable, even as individual reinforcements, and with several thousand deploying on each phase of Telic, it won't be long before they've all had a go and there will be a gap before they can start re-calling them for a second go-round - if many stay on in the TA after being mobbed.
  9. Get the would be infrantry recruits to join the TA instead and mobilise them once trained, this would save millions during the recruit training phase.
    The MOD will only have to pay them for a couple of weekends and a fortnights camp.
  10. Not just the Army is affected. I hear that the July intake for the Initial Officer Training course at RAFC Cranwell has been cancelled to save money as well.
  11. TA are running out of deployable men. Fact.
    Don't forget the four year engagement came in 1999/2000. Sign off papers due soon then.
    But sack a few civil snivilers and they go all wobbly. 25% are paid less than £13000 AAAAh - ditto soldiers- no out cry though, take it large and end up with an arrse the size of a bus. Well done PM etc (we have been).
  12. That report is bollocks, i am only a stones throw away from HQ RG?and the Brig there is going mental every one is running about withcopies of it shouting utter pash!!!!!!! Probably someone got the wrong end of the stick
  13. Just in case there are any Budgeteers looking in to this forum, I would like you to read and consider the following.

    Your job is to manage the budget you are responsible for, be it a branch, formation, unit or headquarters. To do this it may be a good idea to find out what the remit of that unit is. Their remit, not yours, which is to save as much money as possible to make you look good and get you a promotion. Then manage that unit's budget to make sure they can do their job to the standard expected of them..... now get this..... even if it means that you have to go cap in hand for more money. You might not get all you ask for, but if it means more training, equipment and keep the unit effective you will have proved that you are 'managing' your buget and not just cutting it

    If you budget your budget out of effectivness it's no longer worth keeping and it disapears. This means you have been a bad manager and your boss will know that.

    If you budget your unit out of existance you budget yourself out of a job..... and the man on the desk above yours has got a bigger red pen than you. You could be the next budget saving!

    Nobody's going to read it, but it made me feel better :)
  14. I made this point before. Get them into the TA , both as a taster and possibly to keep bodies interested, for when you do start recruiting again.

    What's the wastage through ATR's?
  15. be interesting to see what the Govt will do next.
    when the TA has been deployed and redeployed again then they resign en masse as they need to keep their jobs

    be interesting indeed.