Six inches of recession

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devil_Dog, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. A discerning female accused the old Devil Dog of being a pervert when she walked in on me while I was in the process of sticking a six inch high heel shoe up the old sewage dispenser. It was not, I repeat, not her high heel shoe.

    D_D is devastated. She is headed for human resources tomorrow. What to do?

    Murder is not an option.
  2. Kidnap her. Threaten her with a Knife tie her up and bundle her into a unmarked white van. Have your way and then dump her here :arrow: [​IMG]
    Problem solved. . :twisted:
  3. Start perusing the Situations Vacant pages, with sexual habits such as yours perhaps employment in the Clergy would be suitable.
  4. Simple - call Human Resources 1st - complain that some bi-atch shoved a 6" high heel show up your pooper because you wouldn't go out with her. Demand a hundred thou in compensation for humility and traumatism.

    Worked for me......errr I mean my mate.
  5. Feed her to MDN.

    She will be so shocked, she'll soon foget about you.
  6. do you carry a shoe around with you all day or do you have them stashed around the work place?
    is it a case of having a difficult choice between a few particular favourites to fill the handbag in the morning? style? length? is colour important?
    you are quite adamant it was not her shoe. is that because hers was still in the collection at home?
    best to buy them new or do they have to be worn? better if stolen off unsuspecting work colleagues perhaps?
    cleaning, recommend any good products?

    all just mear idle curiosity of course.

    more questions to follow.....................

    edit to add >
    remember the motto! WHO LIES FIRST WINS
  7. So was it just the heel or the entire shoe then ? Lube or not ?... purely out of "curiosity" of course.... ;-)