Six Foot Wall

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by XxcookiemonsterxX, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Being a bit of a girly girl, everytime I'm confronted with a six foot wall, i have a tendancy to run the opposite way or stop short and not really get a good jump. Any tips on how to get over one of them? This time next year I'll be having to do the march and shoot at Warcop camp and i want to be able to get over one on my own..

    any advice would be appreciated
    CookieMonster :)
  2. Buy a ladder? Or you could just run at it, jump up and pull yourself over?! It's only 6 foot ffs!!!
  3. Wait till nobody's looking and go around it, or like he said, its only 6 ft :roll:
    Hope this helps...
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Build up your shoulder and arm strength. It is your own ability to lever yourself up the extra few inches over your height which will get you over.

    Swimming, rope work and indoor rock climbing (my favourite) will all work. Weights (take advice from a gym bod) and press-ups are the other option

    You are from Edinburgh? Get yourself down to Alien Rock in Leith and go in the bouldering room. Link Here

    Your arms will want to fall off the first couple of times but your strength and stamina will increase v quickly. Plus, good people there - great fun crowd.
  5. awesome cheers guys :) another thing is i dont really have time atm to get down places like alien rock, much as I'd like to :( tad on the gutting side but oh well, i shall see what i can do :0

  6. Get yourself a "Padres nail"
  7. a what sorry..... :s
  8. I'm Five ft and a fag butt. managed the 6ft wall . as had been said plenty of upper body strength will see you right :D
  9. Get a good run up ( speed wise) as you approach, jump and use one leg as a lever, whilst grabbing for the top of the wall with both hands/arms.
    If you can get your elbows onto/over the top, then just use your upper body strength to lift the rest of the way, whilst also toe walking up the wall, until you can lift a leg to the top to help pull you over.

    Well it makes sense if you have diagrams to explain it :)

    If your overweight, then your buggered really.

    There are so many ideas, as to the best way, but its down to the individual to work it out as to there own strengths.
    There is a method for all shapes and sizes, I personally just ran at it, got a good grab at the top and was over.
  10. A six foot bloke can get over a bloody high wall (say 9 feet!) wall even if he can't jump, once he can coordinate the lead foot hitting and sticking, and the push up. Took me ages to get the hang of it - I would jump, get finger tips on and then a painful pull up with everything dragging on the wall and making it harder and then the ugly moment when you snatch to get one elbow on. My otherwise useless pal made it look easy. As he said, don't think first about getting your hands on the wall, think about hitting the wall with your lead foot in a way that lets you get a push up.

    Mind you, having said that, it's a lot easier in stickier non-issue boots. And if there is a dip right before the wall (which years of use will create), then all bets are off - impossible to get a decent run up.
  11. When i did the 12 foot wall in a team i hesitated, then the second run up i got it right and the guy boosted me up and over lol.

    It's all about the shoulders(deltoids) Some good shoulder exercises are the upright row and front extension with dumbbells. Have a search on the net for more.
  12. DaPs you dont run up to the 12 foot wall you have to go under and over those bars first then work as a team to get over the 6 foot wall is the one with the trench a few meters in front of it.
  13. Lewis, id read his post again, it makes sense, well it does to me. Run up as in run up, not a 50 yard run, but well i know what he is saying anyway so feck it.
  14. Ow i see now was going to say! on the subject of the 12 foot almost half of caught there backs on the bits that stick out on the other side wall.
  15. The front deltoids lift your arms up in front of your body, the middle deltoids lift your arms out to the side, while the rear deltoids lift your arms back and up. So how this muscle group can help you get over a six-foot wall is something you might like to enlarge on.