Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by spike7451, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Wonder if it'll be dropped by CPS?

  2. Thats hope the judge has the moral courage to throw the book at them! I can't help feeling that this incident was the catylist that started the Anti Muslim riots. If the Police are seen not to do anything then the public will take matters into their own hands. I'd also add IMHO it's not the Police's fault I think it has a lot to do with the present government in the way they've just rolled over and given into the wishes of the Treehuggers/Do Gooders et al, when they shoul have taken a harder linel! :x
  3. Unfortunatly they may hold british passports- which should be revoked and then they should be deported.

    If they dont like it here (well there) why stay?
  4. Shoot the muslim scum.
  5. So they aren't British by birth then? Not one of them? Asking a question that I don't know the answer to (but I do have a fairly good idea).
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    You must be joking? Something I have missed perhaps? Obviously you would not commit a religious/race hate crime in open forum? NuLiarbour Fingermen don't like that, you know.

    Personally I will say 'I hope they throw the book at the bigoted, militant jihadi wannabee fuckwits'.

    And to anyone who is saying remove their passports - won't happen, never happens.
  7. You are right of course. I shall wait till i'm back in Afghan where i can get away with shooting the scum! :wink:
  8. Of course, all the over the top comments should be taken in a NAAFI-esque manner, recognizing that they are intended as dark humour, rather than hate-mongering themselves.

    (Said for journos and lawyers...)

    But, I DO hope the book gets thrown at them, because the law has to apply to everyone, or it applys to no one. No one group is "more special" than anyone else.

    Unless you're in the People's Republic of Canada, where the transgender French-speaking aboriginal Zoroastrianists can do whatever the fcuk they want. :roll:
  9. I like the way one of them didnt attend due to missus having a baby. Mmmm! Ill see if 2 of my lads can get back from HERRICK later this year to see their wives give birth!
    I know its meant to be innocent till proven guilty etc etc but....!
  10. At last, some bloody sense in this country
  11. don't get to excited, it won't last.

    I have been predicting racially related unrest in this country for a while now.

    This is incident is what "The English Defense League" cite as the reason for thief formation. Look at the effect their two demonstrations have had so far & the current hype surrounding their planned visit to Manchester in October to see how devisive this has been.

    Like someone else has said, if they're aquitted then the public will see the justice system as protecting those who chose not to be part of our society and matters will be taken into thier own hands. Sadly I think they won't get anywhere near the punishment most feel they deserve & forsee stormy waters ahead.
  12. in fairness, some of the savages at those cartoon just-about-to-riot "protests" with the signs saying "europe's 911's on it's way" or somesuch did get some jail sentences several years long. Am hoping for the same in this case
  13. If only it were a Court martial and they were facing Colly. Shades of the kids arrested for murdering 3 members of the NIPS outside the Crum in 1976.
  14. These disgraceful people can not even be truthful and plead gulity for using threatening or abusive words or behaviour and causing harassment alarm and distress at the protest to our soldiers .

    These people should be totally ashamed of themselves for treating our soldiers in this way .
  15. Agreed, ithey dislike Britain so passionatley perhaps they would be better off elsewhere.
    No doubt somebody will be along shortly to tell us we are misguided and these people are British....