Six Balkan countries set to join EU

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Should be a hoot watching busloads of Bosnians, Croats and Serbs arriving together at Dover.

    I wonder if they'll put restrictions on...dont really want some ex-Chetnik who did God-knows-what during the Yugoslav war over here.

    Another thing, Albania and Bosnia are presumably both Muslim-majority countries so why so much fuss over Turkey?
  2. a) I've never met a Kosovan bouncer who didn't claim to have been in the KLA. Zero moral difference.

    b) Albania and Bosnia are Muslim in the mystical-Sufi, miniskirt-wearing/chasing, rakija-guzzling way... indeed, the Albanian government have been disavowing their historical 'Muslimness' recently. Like, that's so last millennium.

    While there's a growing Wahhabi strain in the Balkans (thanks, Saudis :roll: ), its locus is actually in the Serbian Sanjak of Novipazar region and NW Macedonia.
  3. When I was in Bos last, quite a while ago now, I dont remember seeing ANY ninja clad women.....
  4. Yet more basket cases for the developed nations of the EU to pay for.

    Croatia: economically fine, but country is screwed by 3rd rate corrupt politicians.

    Bosnia: don't even go there. Beautiful country, some fine breasted women (ignore the teeth). Infrastructure permenantly fúcked. Seriously. So are their politicians. One of the most corrupt countries in the world, and the ethnic tensions have not gone away: they are merely hidden under a very, very thin veneer.

    Serbia: Another basket case riddled by incompetence and nationalism rather than out and out corruption. Apart from the Hungarian minority in the north and Belgrade, the population would be quite happy in the 14th century (BC). Complete nationalist fruit loops. Beautiful scenery doesn't hide their annoying habit of wanting to kill anything that isn't Serb, Russian or French.

    Kosovo: just nuke it and make the world a better place.

    Albania: Amazing countryside, lovely people. Corrupt as hell, seriously nasty and efficient mafia (includes most of the army, police and politicians). Should be a tourist heaven but Enver Hoxha took the country back to Year Zero. Likes to export Albanian nationalism to its neighbours.

    Montenegro: another little corrupt mafia holiday destination. No matter that half of the government were caught ****ing underage prostitutes, this is where the Serbian and Russian mafia come and play in the summer. Amazing countryside (not that the locals give a toss: they use it as a giant garbage dump) and amazing levels of corruption.

    Macedonia: Really shouldn't exist. Needs to be split up between Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. Skopje has some nice parts, but it is one of those countries that just cannot justify its existence.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No, that's because the ninja-clad women were living in basements as prostitutes for passing Western customers (apparently, there were quite a lot at the time). Rest assured, as soon as the hubbies start arriving by the bus-load, your cellar will be rented out in less time than it takes to say "Me KLA you long time baby"
  6. I'd rather have Chetnicks than the muslims that fought with the Nazi's.

    You and your jihadi walts plotting to bomb them if they come over ?
  7. Don't worry. The EU is a democracy. No matter how much Flash Gordon wants to redistribute our wealth to the impoverished Balkans, we'll have an opportunity to veto enlargement in a referendum - won't we?

    Who's next on the list for an invitation to the Eurotrough? Zimbabwe? North Korea?
  8. Why does the EU keep wanting to expand when it cannot manage what it has now?
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So, 27 countries eh? A Grand Alliance of Nations, stronger in unity through diversity etc blah blah. Funny that most of them mullered by one nation (Germany) before getting mullered a second time by three others (Russia, Britain and the US).

    Not making a point, just an observation.

    When the Yugoslavia split up, there where hundreds of thousands of deaths, much acrimony and evilness, not unlike WW2.

    I wonder what will happen, and who will come off the worst WHEN the EU falls apart at the seams?
  10. Never mind all the new ones, is there any chance we could maybe get rid of some of the current members like Bulgaria and Romania? Apparently there's a new EU report out that says since joining efforts to tackle corruption and reforming their court systems have actually moved backwards. And of course now that they're members what can we really threaten them with as sanctions?
  11. Yes, I predict a vicious UK pensioner-led insurgency in Spain's southern foothills.
  12. I don't know, the Spaniards seem to be thinking ahead for once and doing a slash and burn effort on large swathes of housing developments usually owned by foreigners along the south-east coastline. Maybe they're trying to deny them cover and support? ;)
  13. Great! When you thought you've seen it all with the Gypsies, the Albanians are coming.
  14. Funny how every country in Europe has, within living memory, been either a facist dictatorship or under foreign occupation, or both. Apart from Switzerland (non-EU) and Britain (hardly enthusiastic towards the EU). Seems like true independence just isn't what the peoples of Europe want. Everyone's queueing up to be told what to do by the bureaucrats of Brussels. Pathetic.
  15. This is not racist, it is political. Geo-political maybe; theo-geographical, possibly.

    We already have a problem. Now we are inviting that problem to be magnified to a degree we can barely imagine. Albania! Ask the Greeks!