Six Arrested for Sexual Assault on 17yr Old Female Soldier

Is lzzerer-ism condoned throughout the "modern" Army?
It is important to begin by repeating that the significant majority of those leaving the Forces
lead constructive and productive lives after discharge and do not at any stage become
involved in the criminal justice system. More than that, the long gap between discharge
and custody for many of those who do offend makes it difficult to associate any direct
causal link between service in the Forces and imprisonment. What is clear is that the
conventional problems associated with criminal behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse,
homelessness, a poor ability to deal with emotions, low educational attainment and financial
pressures, appear to be as common among ex-servicemen in custody as it is among the
general prison population

And your point is?
Don't go bringing facts and evidence into this... this is arrse!
First she’s not a lady, she’s a child.
Second if she is bulling, then the book will be thrown at her.
That is highly debatable, in most cases when a female has made false allegations of sexual misconduct, all they receive is a severe talking to and a slap on the wrist, very few ever face the full force of the law and get jailed.
Corroborates a tale told me by Mr. GRB. I wasn't sure whether to believe it but two soldiers wouldn't lie, would they? Although he says the foetus was in a bath, not a bin.

You'll be telling me next that Colonel Mallon's last erection was a water tower!
1975 was a long time ago...
Had he stood there in the full uniform, medals, big hat, Sam brown, sword, and more brass than a Soho tart, he would have distanced himself from the "Lads" In combats, he's "Down with the Hood" one of the chaps, as for the hands on belt pose, WTF was that about, who advised him,...Quentin Crisp,.... Lionel Blair?
There is a precedent for strong man with hands on hip pictures, viz. :

Adolf 3.jpg
But you have to put on a strongman pose when wearing lederhosen, otherwise everyone will just think that you are a poof.
Quite true. Sometimes though it doesn't matter whatever old thing one puts on - you still look like a pouf.

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