Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear

this is exactly why we need to stamp on north korea and iran with a very big boot. Give sanctions a go, but we need the world to see that these countries have really lost out by trying to develop the bomb.


edited to add, is it that these arab countries dont want a persian country to be the only nuclear power in the region?
Why should they be denied the right to have nuclear power? What right does anyone have to impose sanctions on them for merely trying to get something we already have?
And why should they be excluded from the nuclear weapons club? After all Israel has them and Israel is a terrorist state. When was the last time Tunisian or Moroccan soldiers opened fire and killed innocent unarmed women who were taking part in a lawful demonstration?

Double standards again
Question to think about - Kargil should have sparked a war between India and Pakistan but it didn't - why?

Also wanting to become a nuclear power for energy purposes is a lot different for military purposes. No doubt that countries like Egypt and Saudi are afraid of Persian Nuclear bomb but Algeria?
So supervising/helping these countries to create nuclear energy for civilian purposes may be a better idea then just getting all hysterical about it. But with Neo-Con being Neo-con I understand that it may be a little hard :twisted:

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