Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ComebackYELLER, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. im really strugling to get myself up to the requred 50 in 2 min.(i have no problem with pushups)

    i get to about 20 and it really starts to hurt,and it gets tough after that im so far i can manage about 35!

    does anyone have any specific routines for building up sit ups

  2. Just situps, keep practising. You can perform moves to improve your hip-flexors and abdominal muscles but for a situp test, keep at the situps.
  3. Agreed. Do lots of blocks of 10. Each time you're watching tele and an ad break comes on get off your arse and do some sit ups. Just keep doing them and you will eventually get better.

    Good luck!
  4. Check that the position you are doing them in is correct, try varying it slightly to use slightly different muscle groups, I found out I was doing them with my bum too close too my feet and it was harder...shuffled along the mat a bit and 5hit that was easier! just try it, cant lose anything!?
  5. Oh yeah, have you got your feet wedged under the bed, sofa, cow's butt? It's harder with them being free.
  6. Replicate the test, so feet held down. This puts the focus more on the hip flexors than anything.
  7. can you get someone to hold your feet during the test,i though ive seen this,if not damm im reallly strugling
  8. Yes
  9. There was a similar thread to this one a while back. Got a fairly definitive answer:
  10. A tip I've found useful sharing out to anyone that struggles, is when your going for the 2 mins..don't try and burn through them as quickly as possible.
    Start if with 9 or 10. Then rest for 5 seconds.. get your breath back. Then start again, but aim for 8 or 9. Then stop, then start going for 7 or 8 etc.
    Makes for a much steadier pace than just going flat out for the first 30 seconds and doing yourself an injury if you rush.

    Oh yeah, all that and just keep practicing situps beforehand.
  11. I'm the other way round i can do sit ups till im told to stop but push ups f**k i cant do them well i can do 20 - 25 in a row then need to shake arms off abit.
  12. I am with hypno, I can bang out 70 sit ups inside 2 mins but I generally find it pretty hard work getting to 50 press ups.

    There really isn't much to say except "do more sit ups" I'm afraid. I found I made improvements in my abs strength by doing lots of crunches as well as sit ups so maybe once you are finished training sit ups you should do crunches till failure just for a bit extra...

    If you can do 20 sit ups in a row then I would recommend you work on being able to do 3 sets of 10 with a 5 second gap between sets. After that go for 3 sets of 15, two sets of 20, three sets of 20, then finally one set of 50.

    I find doing it this way makes faster gains than just trying to do more than last time, it might be a mental thing but it seems to work.

    Best of luck with it, I know how frustrating it is due to my battle with press ups lol.

  13. lol i find the pressups easy to be honest i can bang out about 40 in about 50 seconds take a break and i can do about 70 in two mins,wish i could do sit ups like that.,i find it helps when your trying to build stamina,to go down hold for 5,then go up.
  14. i couldnt do that many sit ups,id do at max 4o and my boady couldnt take it anymore,then i resort to crunches,i have seen some increase but not much,but i have only been at it for two weeks so heres hopeing
  15. I'm the opposite, I can do 70+ situps without too much trouble but when it comes to press ups I can do about 23 & then I'm nakkered! :roll: