Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. Right, situps, the most annoying and tedius exercise in the world which results in having a slightly harder just unnoticable stomach...How to do them, I can usually do about 130, so I'm thinking, maybe I should do them with a weight on my chest, and do less?

    Anyone got any idea of whether this would get better results?
  2. I need encouragement like that, as much as I love Mc d's I think i'll be best going without it, as I'll be joining the paras soon I wanna be at physical peak, the problem being I also need to put weight on...So..a healthy diet that puts weight on..I like to set myself a challenge..possibly impossible ones...Time to find that diet, I suppose..:D
  3. Just had an idea, how about on top of my usual diet, every day I eat a large bowl of rice or pasta, that should put some weight on wont it?
  4. My AFCO told me that i needed to put weight on for RSC. I kept my eating habbit, but just hit the gym 3 times a week and invested in a weightgainer. Think i put on about a stone.

  5. Well to be honest i was a skinny cnut so it wouldnt have hurt for me to put a little bit of flab on. Saying that though i was weight training 3 times a week and running a lot. So its kept me in good shape and the majority of weight i put on was muscle.i do agree with your point of sticking to healthy food and training hard.

    But is being a decent weight all that advantageous in basic training?
  6. Back to the topic of situps. I would recomend doing situps with your legs elevated, say a coffee table or steps. Doing push ups with your feet elevated is another good exercise.