Sitting tennant/life long tenancy, mystery property

Evening, any property specialists/solicitors out there.

Looking at a strange property. Initially it looked like a life long assured tenancy I think but as the days go one more details keep getting put on its
legal note bundle

latest is the last will and testament scanned and a note from the autioneers (see below)

I can't get my head round it

"The property is being sold with a tenant In situ , There is no life long tenancy agreement, the property was sold by the Executors in accordance with the Will dated the 8th March 2005 for late ________ ______ and ______ _____ remains a tenant.

_______ ____ date of birth is ___ ___1957

He is responsible for outgoings (gas/electric/council tax/water) and I’ve been advised that the title owner is not responsible for maintenance but I have nothing in writing.

Property is dirt cheap, just where I want one, bastard is only 55 though...

thoughts please. can link to all details if anyone feels really keen


" There is no life long tenancy agreement"

Surely that means you can hoof him out when you want?
Thats what I thought...

last will and testament says

I give devise and bequeath my property ____ to my son___ ___ upon trust for his life and following his death to my two sisters...."

I have no idea on this one, the bloke is/was 55 and still lived with his mum, have the autioneers just fucked up the wording,

as a tenant does the new owwner get rent, or negotiate......

Why didn't I work harder at school and become a solicitor


Why not find a solicitor where your 1st hour is free. Then pose the questions to them?
My mother left her house to me in trust, all it means is that he can live there as long as he wants and the other beneficiaries to the estate cannot hoof him out on his ear unless he breaks any codicil of not insuring the property etc & he cannot sell the property off his own bat. Once they come to an agreement amongst themselves they sign an agreement drawn up by a solicitor to end the trust and the property can then be sold normally as vacant or with a sitting tenant.

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