sitting here drinking

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brettarider, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. a can of Carlsberg and a short of monkey shoulder whisky with a cup of tea anyone else got a nice combo session on the go?
  2. Yes, I'm doing a combo session with my dad and my brother as I type.

    No alcohol involved though, just sex toys.
  3. I thought Fred West had been dead for a few years
  4. He was my uncle, and lover.

  5. Filthy! Interesting all the same.
  6. I've got a nice little thing going with a bottle of kahlua, voddy and milk.

  7. wife beater for me
  8. Guiness has run dry, so has the whisky, so I'm reduced to Voddies and Marlboro Lights. It's tough oop North!
  9. you mean Stella H@rdtw@t? dishgushting shtuff.

    White russians all round ... I got 2 bottles of kahlua 8O

    somoeon will have to bring more vodka tho
  10. Is paper vodka acceptable young lady?

    If so I'll start the car
  11. fosters......all i got int he house!!
  12. Cider, Pedigree, Claret, (cue dinner) Chablis (with gravaldlax), more Claret with the venison, Port with cheese and onwards, err....Chin Chin!
  13. best stop by tescos ... i need more milch as well.

    and probly a bucket, ain't drunk this much in a long time
  14. oooo ill av some cider if its going spare?!
  15. Fosters contains no alcohol. I'll let you have some tubes of Wife Beater, I hate seeing people suffer