SITREP required

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Can we have a SITREP from the Ground team please?
  2. yep wait one
  3. The town has gone dead as half day closing in the shops.

    However, flurry of activity today, all hugely positive in terms of support from locals. Seems the APEM lot are not liked by the town.

    A-Z street map being highlighted so no-one doubles up on streets already covered from this evening.

    Shops requesting posters (Abbey National/Abracadabra Fancy Dress & Help The Aged).

    Only about 1 person refused a leaflet and in most cases people took one and then ran back to nab the team to discuss in detail.

    Also the owner of number 36 had a chat with the team. Hugely supportive, just was annoyed that the address was used.

    All in all it couldn't have gone any better!
  4. Great work. Is this an issue?

  5. No, it's not at all
  6. Dale has printed 35 A3 posters and has just left Upavon. Said to let you guys know.

    Leaflets running low so I am meeting Saintstone at Victoria first thing in morning with extra supplies. Dozy - I can bring yours over to Bank if that helps at lunchtime?

  8. hahahahha - I was trying to look like I was deep in concentration then hard at work (my real job)! Instead, I am pee'ing myself. You git! :)
  9. I'm behind Liverpool St Stn and to be honest I've had precisely 1 lunch break in 5 months and at the mo there's no chance of getting out (I love my traders, really I do! :dead: ) so we'll stick with me doing the 'Shot run tomorrow night.

    I'll call the Ashtead RBL Chairman tonight to see if he'll look after them overnight for the early-birds on Friday to pick up - I'll aim for an early get-away tomorrow and be with you at a decent hour, then hoof it to Ashtead for the drop-off.
  10. Maybe I should send a Flashmessage to the ARA.

    "Slug is on her way to Ashtead, there is still time to withdraw your objections......"
  11. Well don't worry about it then Dozy. I will give all leaflets left to Saintstone for tomorrow daytime....he can then give rest to evening team, who in turn can pass to RBL tomorrow evening after door to door stuff. I have tried getting hold of Phil Reynolds today with no luck....if you get through to him let me know if thats okay
  12. Did the US Airforce send a flash to Hiroshima when Enola Gay was on the way?

    Fcuk 'em!

    I've just got off the phone to Dale ref the posters BTW. She'll pass them to Tigs2/Cargosales and they can hang on to them in case we get MoD permission to load.

    She's chirpy and dressed in a suit with medals. She'll do us a great job.
  13. May I recommend giving them to Cargosales?
  14. Just got off the phone to Miss Westphal as I wanted to replace my original, fairly emotive letter, with something more objective and factual. No problems there. Gently questioned her about the interest generated by this, she said: "I've done practically nothing but this all week. I can't believe the amount of interest generated by it - but then we weren't really expecting the interest it generated in the first instance - but the least said about that..." - here she tailed off as though she'd said a little more than she ought ;-)

    interesting... ;-)
  15. I have been travelling all day, and spent the last 30 mins ruining my eyes catching up on an N95! Superb work today- to victory we steer!