Sitrep, over?

Without delving into the Comd's Diary, as I recall:

1. Joy/apathy resulting from us winning the Ashes.

2. A continued drip-feed into the 'jailbait' and 'Charlotte Church' threads.

3. Prep for and PXR on the Amsterdam trip.

4. Wng O for Arrse Northern Piss-up in Nov.

Edited to add:

5. Oh yes, and ARRSE being in the press again courtesy of one Ms Sands, who has a son at the Big White House apparently.
Not to forget some stewpit spam warrant officer coming on here and demanding salutes from the Brits and almost causing a diplomatic incident - the laird offered them all out and they bottled it.

Then there was a daft bird came on with her first post asked if there was any decent blokes on here - you can imagine the commotion that one caused - officers bird and listy really came out of their shells - I really don't want to see any photo's of those two I don't think they can surpass my illusion of them.

Let's not forget the laird organising some naked female wrestling competition.

And all of these gits ganging up on poor old Coldplay with just little old me left to defend them - didn't half boost my posting figures - incoming from every direction.

Apart from that - nothing much! Welcome back (actually been away myself for a week or so)
and some lunatic at NSY wants squaddies to do armed response in London.

Still, nevermind eh, I'll stick my CO19 application in.....

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